When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


They Must Cheat to Win

First we hear that a Bush campaign HQ in California was broken into and only certain computers were taken - computers with sensitive info to the Bush re-election campaign.

Now we learn that Kerry pulled something out of his pocket at the start of the first debate.

I watched the video a few times and it happens very quickly, while Kerry has his back to the audience (and more importantly the moderator who appears to be looking at Bush the whole time, gotta keep an eye on Bush!) almost the entire time.

I can't tell what it is that Kerry pulls out, it could be a note card or a pen. Irregardless it was very quick, he had his back to the crowd and the moderator during most of this maneuver.

What's the big deal? The big deal is that the debaters can not bring notes or other items to the podium, items that could have prepared answers or figures or even electronic devices for whatever reason.

This all just reinforces the oft-repeated point by the Right that the only way the Left can win is to cheat. Plain and simple. Florida 2000 anyone?

John Kerry is going to End the World

John Kerry wants to repeat a HUGE mistake of the Clinton Admin by giving Iran (IRAN!) nuclear material and finger-wag at them to be nice and NOT MAKE NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

You may recall (unless you are a LIBERAL ASSMUNCHER/teenager who only remembers Clinton as a GOOD GUY who made a MISTAKE and was FRAMED by EEEEEEVIL Repiblicans in a sex scandal) Clinton gave North Korea nuclear power plant tech and assistance as long as they PROMISED not to make nuclear weapons. OOOPS! NK announced they now have nukes after using their 'nuclear powerplants' as the source for nuclear material. Thanks Clinton Admin, you stupid STUPID worthless assholes!

Why oh why didn't Bush bomb the FUCK outa NK? Wait, maybe we did. That massive train explosion that took out Syrian scientists and some unknown missile tech probably wasn't an accident (MOAB anyone?).

Good lord Kerry is a massive failure in Domestic Policy and he hasn't even made it through the election yet. Grrrr!

I give up. If Bush doesn't win, we might as well start migrating to Mexico as our country will almost assuredly get attacked, and attacked HARD by Iran's or NK's nukes or Al Queda (aided by Syria) or both.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Nuclear Proliferation is John F'n Kerry's biggest fear?


Was the WTC destroyed by a nuke? NO! Two African embassies in Africa were destroyed by nukes, oh wait NO it was TERRORISM!

What the FUCK was THAT? Nuclear Weapons proliferation is John Kerry's focus, good lord!

If Kerry wins I am not leaving the country, I am leaving the PLANET. This is turning into Bizzaroworld for pete's sake! Gah!