When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Show me how to live

Forgerygate continues unabated (I just wanted to use the word unabated in something, today).

Note that the forged documents were given to CBS by the JOHN KERRY CAMPAIGN. So unless Karl Rove personally handed them to some moronic JOHN KERRY intern I don't think this was really a Bush-spawned conspiracy.

CBS won't say who produced them the documents, the Kerry camp is distancing themselves (someone there probably made them) and Bush is pretty much ignoring them.

CBS has made its bed and must now lay in it. Fuckers.


What. Ever.

I am working a three-day weekend, which means I missed scathing commentary by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Hannity on the Forgerygate business.

I really wish I could listen to AM radio at work somehow, damn ancient technology *shaking fist in the air*! I have this tiny little radio I got at Target that is made by Virgin (whatever, its really small), but it eats batteries like crazy (AAA too, the kind nothing else in my home takes, again foiled by technology!).

And I don't have the spare cash to subscribe to the internet-radio streams/archives either. Damn it all, damn it all to hell!

Just two more days of 12-hour shift shit work! With the added bonus of being instructed on how to do my job by the interim plant supervisor who quite literally pushed himself in front of me to do my job this morning. And who also had the nerve to stand there this evening to again tell me what my job was to be in the next 30 minutes before I was liberated for 12 whole hours. Fucker.

FYI: Just because you get a BS or MBA doesn't convey any superior abilities that allow you to singlehandedly do all other non-salary people's jobs (at least for 10 minute stretches, wouldn't want to get dirty or start sweating or let your coffee - that is provided only to office dwellers - get cold). M'kay?


Blah Blogging


Isn't it interesting that almost immediately after G. W. Bush claims a lead over John Kerry, who has been running non-stop on his less than 6 month tour (which somehow became "two tours of duty") of Vietnam, the media is intently focused on Bush's National Guard service during the Vietnam war. An issue that was beaten nearly to death many months ago and was laid down because it didn't harm Bush that much and the actual story turned out to not really be much of a [negative[ story.

And yet suddenly we have some guy being interviewed claiming he personally got Bush into the National Guard. And I suppose this guy also taught Bush how to fly a fighter jet plane, the most complex job anyone could get in said National Guard or anywhere else on the planet?

The media is going crazy over a guy who did serve for a short period of time in a uniformed service and yet quickly bowed out to become a politician with some help from his friends. After spending months covering up or refusing to dig deeper into the background of a guy who did serve for a short period of time in a uniformed service and yet quickly bowed out to become a politician with some help from his friends (and several purple hearts that were for what amounted to little more than band- aid covered wounds).

Yeah, what Liberal Media.


Lazy Blogging Redux

I guess I will do what other big bloggers do, comment not on current events but my own past posts!

Take my post on collecting TV commercials.

I actually have most of the commercials I cited. I have just about all of the Burger King commercials and several FedEx commercials, including the one that mocked Castaway. There is actually another commercial, for some Beer, that also mocks Castaway, but I haven't found it yet.

If you are interested it is the commercial where some guy on a beach is stuffing messages into empty beer bottles and throwing them out to sea. On a desert island a castaway is finding the bottles, thinking they have beer in them only to discover the notes which have the sender's name and address on them. The castaway screams "<sender's name> why are you mocking me?!" At the end of the commercial the note-sending guy opens his front door and there is the castaway who asks if its <sender's name> and when the guy says yes the castaway guy punches him. Heh. I like that one.

The place I got my last round of commercials is over there. You can get a month's membership cheap (they use PayPal or whatever). Hmm, their website is not responding (for me). Oh well.