When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



Yeah I said earlier that I don't like people who refuse to blog on the weekend and here I am not blogging on the weekend, err, well, anyway.

Dizzy Girl isn't blogging this weekend, at least she has a decent excuse (working). Next weekend I will be working all weekend and I expect to find fresh blog posts on Saturday and Sunday, damnit!

We successfully deployed a new mattress/boxspring. Damn thing is tall! I hate tall beds. Rolling out of bed has new meaning now.

And today we spent several hours at the lake recreating as only the South can. Some person decided the best way to experience nature was to smoke an all-natural cigarette while wading in the fenced-in kid-safe area of the lake. If alchoholic beverages were not prohibited I'm sure he would have had a frosty cold one in the other hand. Such is the South, I guess.

I will see if I can get any photos from my wife's computer account and put some up. A tribute to the last hurrah before school starts (for both my kids and myself).

And since I am getting my ass kicked by my XBOX tonight I am wasting time on the Inter-web. Wheeee!


Geek Stereotype?

Okay if anyone claims that the Geek Stereotype of some young male sitting alone in his parent's basement staring at the computer a little too hard is false, you can point to the story of a young man who was "jolted" by lightning striking the house while he was working on his computer. In his parent's basement. Alone.


Get Your Corn Here

I don't know why, but both candidates for President were brandishing raw corn cobs this week:

What is this image about? I can imagine Kerry leaning out the window and exclaiming:

"I am an average American, who served in Vietnam, and I am going to eat this corn!" To a roaring crowd of people bussed in by the AFL/CIO and local plumbers union that supports Kerry with its' member's dues.

And what is that hideous creature behind Kerry? It looks kinda like Smeagol. Its quote should be appropriate:

"My preciouuussssssssss... I want my precioussssssssss!"


And here is Bush, with a partially shucked ear of corn and a strange expression on his face.

"Hey Jofn F'n Kerry, here's how a real American, which I am, because I am from Texus, eats their corn. Oh and while you were shooting yourself in the ass to get out of Vietnam in under 6 months I was training to be a fighter pilot with the Texus Air National Guard. What did you do? Drive a boat? Loser.

Now anyone who says I don't make fun of GWB can take an ear of corn and shove it.


What Terrorist Threat?

Yeah man, that Iraq war was so not part of the War On Terror (WOT).

I mean, there were no links found linking Iraq to any terrorist organizations! Err, except for this one:

Information found in Iraq led federal investigators to become suspicious of an Albany, N.Y., mosque leader, FOX News has learned.

Last summer, U.S. troops discovered Yassin Muhhiddin Aref's (search) name, telephone number and address in a book left behind in a vacated terrorist training camp, a U.S. official told FOX News. The book also revealed that Ansar al-Islam, the group running the camp, had given Aref a title: "the commander."

Emphasis on the important parts added. Of course since this is from FOXNews you can safely ignore it if you are a Democrat/Moderate/Liberal, right?

Blogger Interrupted

Blogging will resume shortly (interpret as you see fit). I worked two 12-hour shifts back to back (and had a really BAD day the second day) and I don't really feel like making any new snarky comments about stuff right now. Except for this post. Blah.

And no I am not "hiding" from my Instalanche. If I dare go up against Insta-Glenn and survive, you can bet I am not going to whimp out for ever after. I am just really tired physically and mentally.

On a personal note I will most likely be shopping for a new mattress set, with my wife like every married man should do, sometime this weekend.

I don't know why the color matter to women, considering that it will be covered by at least two layers of fabric (with a high thread count, whatever that means) or more for its entire lifespan. My wife mentioned something called "Egyptian Cotton" (as seen on "The Newlyweds, Nick & Jessica" apparently) - should I (and my wallet) be concerned? [Indeed. -Ed]

So if you ever see a married man buying a mattress by himself in the early morning, be afraid. Be very afraid.


Anyone else notice it?

I heard some clips of Teresa "Shove It" Heinz-Kerry today and I swear she had some kind of accent, perhaps German-esque. Was it just me, or was it just her normal slurred speaking voice (partying with Uncle Ted?) or wtf?

Maybe she's been hanging out with Ariana Huffington, who also used to be on the Right side of the fence and decided to come out of the closet as a flaming Socialist Liberal (and who also decried people driving SUVs while she galavanted around the country in a chartered aircraft).

So we got a German-sounding woman who married a Republican senator and heir to the Heinz fortune. A rich and powerful man who died in a light aircraft "accident" shortly after revealing the hypocrisy of John Kerry after he accidentally sent two letters taking both sides of an issue to the same person.

And not long after this "accident" John Kerry, the French-looking senator who in fact grew up partly in France with his French relatives, marries the freshly widowed Mrs. Heinz and substantially up-sized his personal wealth (for the third time?).

Please, just don't do a makeout session like Al and Tipper have done [Twice! Ew! -Ed.] okay? Please?


Why I don't care for Lefties (Dems, Libs, whatever)

This was found on the Insta site:


Kerry dismissed former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean's comment that raising the terror level might be politically motivated.

"I don't care what he said. I haven't suggested that and I won't suggest that," Kerry said. "I do not hold that opinion. I don't believe that.''

Good for him.

It is this absolute belief in what Kerry said, after Howard "Scream" Dean came out publicly and accused the Bush administration of politicizing the Terror Alert notices by timing them to coincide with critical Democratic party events.

That pretty much sums it up right there. I bet Glenn pushed back in his chair and said "Sure thing!" after Clinton lied to the American people when Clinton said he did "not have sexual relations with that woman." Uhm, sorry but he did have sexual relations with his beefy intern. Really nasty, dirty sexual relations involving inanimate objects in the White House.

I'm sorry, but if Kerry is the Democratic party nominee what was Dean doing going out there and saying those things in the first place? Dean is a nobody now, does he speak for the party (or it's presumptive leader)? Doesn't Kerry now determine the direction of the party and its many minions (and leeches like Dean who won't just GO AWAY!)? [Indeed -Ed.]

This tactic is common in politics; Big Top Guy/Gal gets underling to come out and say the controversial stuff to the masses while Big Top Guy/Gal tut-tuts about it and tries to distance themselves from the comments.

Kerry even as much as admits this in his retort (to what Dean said): "I haven't suggested that and I won't suggest that." Well, Mr. Kerry no one said you would suggest it so why are you now denying it? We merely wanted to know if you agree with that POV (a little movie-industry terminology there).

The Left Shows how Tolerant it is

Regarding the lovely, tolerant, comment from Teresa Heinz-Kerry where she told a newsperson to "Shove it" the newsperson is now getting death threats and accuses Heinz-Kerry with "McCarthyism" — note that it is a Lefty and a Lefty engaged in this verbal catfight.

I officially throw a Yellow flag on the field for the unnecessary claim of "McCarthyism" on the play. If either party refers to "crushing dissent" or "Hitler" the game will be called with no winner declared using the Godwin's clause.


I got nothing.