When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Ask Again Later

Got this list of "promises" by John Kerry from Michelle (everyone else uses her first name, and yet refer to Lileks as Lileks or The Bleat, go figure):

Me retorts are in bold.

-Invest in new technology and alternative fuels to lessen US dependence on foreign oil.
Didn't George W. Bush do the same thing? And didn't the Greenies spit at him for his lack of effort?
- Make America "finally and forever" independent of Middle East oil.
Didn't Bush request drilling in the frozen wasteland-portion of ANWR and get a hand-to-the-face from the Senate, the Greenies and anyone else who has no clue that we get most of our oil from the Western Hemisphere (Mexico, Canada)?
- Cut the US deficit in half over four years by ending corporate tax cuts, which he called "corporate welfare."
Dont the majority of people in this country work for a "corporation" which can be anything from a Small Business via S-Corp to a Microsoft, IBM or Ford? And don't business pay a lot of *other* taxes that most people don't like Capital Gains, Sales Tax (passed on to consumers in a way that makes it appear that YOU are being taxed) and match the employee's Social Security and Medicare taxes dollar for dollar?
- Offer targeted tax breaks for the middle class.
Doubling the child tax credit didn't apply to the Middle Class? Lower Capital Gains won't affect the Middle Class that decides to sell their home or small business or stock options for a profit?
- Roll back tax cuts granted by the Bush administration to people earning over $200,000 a year.
So if you make that amount you are "rich" and therefore don't deserve *more* of your *own* money?
- Close tax loopholes to companies moving jobs abroad and give breaks to firms keeping good-paying jobs at home.
Sounds like Union Welfare to me
- Pledged not to privatise Social Security or to cut benefits.
So that it really does become insolvent and crap out in a few decades instead of fixing the problems and re-balance the payee-to-payout ratio or just give people tax-free savings account options so their money remains their money and can grow over the course of their lifetime like SocSec was supposed to?
- Incentives to revitalise manufacturing and investment in technology and innovation.
Like tax cuts on Capital Gains and allowing for full depreciation tax deductions in the first year with higher deduction limits per-year like the Bush administration already did?
- Pledged that as commander-in-chief he would never lead the United States into a preemptive war, only sending troops to battle "a threat that was real and imminent."
So wait until we get attacked, again, before "defending" the people who already lost their lives?
- Immediately reform intelligence gathering.
By defunding the CIA like you tried to do in the Senate and restricting what the intelligence agencies can do to collect intelligence like Clinton did?
- Rebuild alliances with other nations.
Other nations being France (oil deal with Iraq, Iran, dirty hands in the Oil-for-Food program) and Germany (whatever France said, tried to take over the world - TWICE)
- Ensure the United States would lead the global effort against nuclear proliferation.
Like the Bush admin did by provoking Libya to give up their nukes after bitch-slapping Saddam and shutting down the black market for nuclear tech out of Pakistan and surrounding Iran and isolating North Korea?
- Add 40,000 active duty troops.
How, and would you fund them or veto the budget supplemental and then veto the new/updated equipment they need (like Clinton did, seriously jeapordizing Air Force F-16 training to the point that over a dozen planes literally fell out of the sky in Arizona because replacement parts were almost impossible to obtain and repairs were put off indefinitely)?
- Double the number of US special forces.
Would you fund them, and use them only after an attack (defensvely) or let them do what they do, you know, preemptively to prevent a serious attack on the US or its allies?
- End the military's heavy reliance on National Guard and
military reservists.
Isn't that why we have a reserve? So that we don't have a massive, expensive full-time military force when we didn't need one?
- Immediately implement the recommendations of the September 11 commission.
Which ones? Creating a department of Intelligence to add another layer of government that will be unable to actually do anything effective because too many people would have conflicting interests?
- Offer incentives that would save families $1,000 a year on health insurance costs.
How? By forcing insurance agencies to lower their prices? Or by allowing families to KEEP $1,000 and apply it to a medical savings account like the Bush admin already proposed (and was rebuffed almost out of hand by, uhm, everyone)?
- Allow Americans to buy prescription drugs from countries like Canada, where they are often less expensive.
If demand were to increase in other places wouldn't the prices there rise as well, while prices fell with the lower demand here in the USA obviating the need for "outsourcing" drugs? And didn't you just say you wanted to reward US companies for staying in the USA instead of reducing costs by going to other countries?

That's all I got.


Blog Not, Lest Ye Be Blogged

The wonderfully insightful Lileks (the Official Person To Quote - OPTQ) did commit the following bits to the Google Cache:

"Right now I have a browser window open to Fark, and a T-shirt ad shows Bush’s face with the logo “American Psycho.” What else do you need to know? As Teddy Kennedy said in his convention speech: “The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush.” It’s really quite simple, isn’t it? We live in a manufactured climate of fear ginned up by war-crazed neocon overlords. There is no threat. The only thing we have to fear is Bush, who sits as we speak in the Oval Office sucking the marrow from Whoopi’s shin-bones."



You know what I hate?

I hate bloggers or more topical/personal web site operators who only make new posts during "business hours" during the work week and NEVER EVER on the weekend.

I guess everyone else in the world gets their fill of the Internet during the week, you know when you work most of the day and have to get to bed early (after taking care of dinner, the kids, finding out if a major US City had a new terrorist attack). I don't get to read the Internet or blog at work all day, I actually have to work.

The weekends are largely open to reading, finding out what else happened during the past week. I have the most time on the weekend to surf, and no one updates anything.

What's wrong with a shorter Saturday post/update? What about after-hours on Friday and something happens? The "professional" web sites wait until Monday when it's old news?

Just asking, s'all.

I can't make this stuff up

This is another funny "happy accident" of an image:

BTW I could never find an image of the character "Ms. Swan" from MadTV to compare with the Linda Rhondstat image below. Oh well.

And I didn't see any movies this weekend, other stuff got in the way. I think I am sick or something, or have some kind of bad reaction to something, maybe. I just feel like shit, am tired all the time and have general body aches all over. Damn virus or something I bet.

Oh well. I will have to wait for a long time to see any movies as I work this coming weekend and we have to move the end of next week I think. Fun fun fun!