When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


On the Right

A lot of people click on my image to right, which links to my web server with totally different content.

Maybe they think it will blow up the image, or reveal more dirt on some damned misguided CONSERVATIVE. What a cracpkpot they must think, I bet I will find a web site filled with Pro-Bushitler Pro-America cheerleading!

Sorry to disappoint.


More Kerry Photo Op

Just because I am such a fun-loving person, here is another great photo of the awesome statesman from Massachusetts :

Fun with Photo Ops!

I guess someone told Kerry that average ordinary people use guns like a sissy, otherwise would could possibly explain this (quote added by me):

Or this one, which if were of Bush any Liberal would be screaming PULL THE TRIGGER, NOW! But since I am not I just make fun of the happy accident caught on film: