When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Blah blah blah

Working 12 hour shifts sucks, hard.

I am sitting here numb from the pain watching obscure rock videos compiled by some college kid(s) on one of the two local PBS stations (yes we get two, aren't we special).

I might reward myself with a video game next week, not sure what to get. I don't want yet-another-FPS game. I'm gonna make a trek to BestBuy on one of my oddly-scheduled days off and see what they have that I can actually play without my hand going number after 10 minutes *the whole trigger-on-gamepad thing is starting to make me question handheld device designer's intelligence).

BTW I have one Gmail invite available if anyone wants (to buy) it. I think it has a little over two weeks before it expires. Forget begging or bidding, just pop over and buy it and send some badly needed cash my way. That's called Capitalism, baby.

Call it buy-me-an-XBOX-game fundage. Or better yet, BEER MONEY! And no I wont barter for it unless you are a hot chick and send me nudie photos at which point I will immediately DELETE them because I am married and stuff but you can still try to send them. And I don't need any Bestest Friends or "favors" or "owe-you-ones" in return. Why? Because I generally hate people and I like money to buy stuff with (XBOX games and/or Beer).

That is all. Now get off my BLOG!



I just read a post I made to some stupid website that I won't mention here (to prevent becoming yet another Google search hit) that I made not more than a month after I very nearly died (for real, I could explain but you wouldn't understand).

That post was far more coherent and nicely written than anything I have done recently. My typing skills are going to the crapper, my memory is starting to wax and wan (again, I could explain but you wouldn't understand) and I didn't recognize my own writing at first.

Such a stark realization leaves me with only one conclusion. I am just not cut out for this "writing" thing at all, now.

To quote someone fro way back in my IRC hang-out-all-night-because-my-friends-were-slackers-and-so-I-was-all-alone-for-weeks-on-end days: "Oh fuck it."


My Computer may be dying...

My computer has REALLY been acting funny lately. I am not sure what it is, but it started to randomly lockup hard while doing mundane tasks.

I am suspecting my lovely after market Seagate ATA/66-cum-33 BASHDPOC (bait-and-switch hard drive piece of crap), which runs significantly slower than my OEM drive. This drive is now MASTER after I swapped MASTER/SLAVE drive slots and ribbon cables in the CPU one day for the helluvit (I am a certified Mac technician, I could explain but you wouldn't understand).

I am not KPing (Kernel Panicking), its just DOA requiring a manual hardware reset (I could explain but you wouldn't understand).

This just started happening not too long ago, not sure which OS patch/update may have done it. The drive checks out okay with my utilities so I dunno.

I seem to hit this problem with a lot of VM pageins after a su'ing to my wife's account with FUS (I could explain but you wouldn't understand). So it must be the HD as this *just* started happening sometime after any major system update/patch.

I guess.

I dunno. I don't have a SMART hard disk so if its about to crap out I am SOL! I better backup to my iPod it looks like and go back to my OEM disk (I could explain but you wouldn't understand). Hmmph.

Spider-Man 2

Saw Spider-Man 2 tonight. It was definitely better than the first one. And it definitely sets up a third movie in a variety of ways. My wife really liked the "exposure" Spider-Man got all throughout the movie, while I think they could have limited it and still got the story to where it ended up.

Interesting trivia for die-hard movie fans: There was some subtle references to the "Evil Dead" movies created by Spider-Man's director Sam Raimi.

I won't spoil it, but watch out for a certain power tool in use in the middle third of the movie (I guess, I don't wear a watch).

Overall well-worth the $5 (each).

Update: Stan Lee had a cameo, again, grabbing some kid (okay?) as stuff fell from the sky, again. And to say there were some "Evil Dead" references is to slightly understate it. There was a LOT of Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" movie trilogy-type stylings in Spider-Man 2. I was probably the only person in the theatre to even "get" these subtle bits, but whatever.


Funny Picture Show

I am going to have to get more funny images to swap out on my server for Mr. Avatar-image-linked-to-my-server Guy.

I need to think of something REALLY offensive. Then maybe send a concerned email to the host of the message board service complaining of the graphic/naughty image on the board to get his account cancelled!

Naw. I like changing the image out from under him better. If you want to see the site use this special non-referral link:

Show me the funny!


Here we go again

MacTech magazine (Mac platform developer's magazine) is going to "refocus" its content on a wider range of Mac-centric topics.

The new magazine will have more writers, more technical (web, network, server admin) topics and focus more on Cocoa (this is new?).

There are several problems that are not addressed and conversely reasons why they are doing this. For one thing including developer tools with every copy of Mac OS X has caused an explosion of hobbyist or Shareware-level developers. There are hundreds of text editors and image editors now thanks to free development tools, its almost as bad as on Windows now. These people are not likely to spend any amount of money on a "geek" magazine that tells them what they probably already know or don't care to know (some other framework/language than what they use).

Also with the Internet you can access an immense wealth of information within seconds on any topic, both professionally written articles or how-tos all the way to anecdotal tips and tricks in dozens of message boards or mailing lists - for free. At any time of the day or night, on weekendds or on vacation.

Magazines, not just developer/techie ones like MacTech, fall on their face most often because of the following reasons:

They are slow. It takes a month between issues and the production demands, despite modern desktop publishing is around 3-4 months ahead of publication for most issues. The world can change dramatically in 3-4 months. By the time you get your "new" magazine a new version of Mac OS X or Xcode could have come out obsoleting the content in the magazine.

They are thin. MacTech has always been a very thin magazine with maybe two or three major topics covered in each issue in detail. So you have waited a month to get a new issue and the magazine is devoted to WebObjects, and you are a Carbon developer who makes education titles for Classic and Mac OS X. Of course if you build up a collection you can easily pull out a relevant issue as you need it or learn new APIs or parts of the Mac OS that you would not otherwise get to. MacAddict also goes through an anorexia phase every other year it seems.

They have more ads than content. I have seen magazine editors claim that advertisers demand there be a majority of ads in a magazine in relation to the actual content. More ads than content. WTF is that? So to get more content you must pad the magazine with even more ads, which are harder to come buy in a niche market like Mac platform development.

I can go to a web site and get more content in 10 minutes than 3 months of magazines and be exposed to 1/20th the ads.

Lastly there is the simple fact that a lot people simply hate to pay for something, anything. Asking $1 for a music track is too much to some people. So asking for a bunch of money per year for a thin magazine that takes a month between issues and may not even be relevant to their interests is not appealing. They could better spend their money on other things, like blank DVDs to burn the video games they downloaded off LimeWire for their XBOX someone gave them for a gift last birthday.

More power to MacTech. Magazines are getting to be a very hard business to be in (in the US). Perhaps they should talk to Japanese Mac magazine publishers and figure out how they make a magazine 3-4 times as thick as US Mac magazines absolutely crammed with product reviews, tutorials and more (and a lot of ads). It's really astounding seeing Japanese Mac mags, not that I can read them or anything. I just don't why we can't do that here.

Oh well. Back to KoL.


Oh yeah

I started my own Clan in Kingdom of Loathing.

Figure out the name...

I don't really have much of anything useful or powerful right now. I have been busting my character's nuts to get leveled up to start a clan. Now that I have done that I can build my inventories back up. *urp* And stop eating all that weird food.

Proud to be a Conservative Mac User

I used to hide my Conservative nature on the Internet. It just wasn't "cool" to be on the Right, what with Bill Clinton being President and all. Then the firestorm of the 2000 elections really made being a Conservative hard.

Everyone (on the left, in the media) kept saying how Bush stole the election. I'm sorry, was the Constitution rewritten in 1999 to state that the popular vote determined a winner instead of the electoral college? I don't think so.

Now I see a lot more Mac users being openly Conservative. Liberals are heavily represented including within the Macintosh community, perhaps disproportionately so. Maybe it has to do with the "artistic" background of Macs used in media creation, or perhaps the distaste for "commodity" computers or the stuffy "conservative" trends in PeeCees.

Liberals are the ultimate elitists. They want to have an easy life, free of restrictions on themselves while someone else gets taxed into oblivion to pay for social services the "working family" couldn't otherwise afford, so they believe. The Liberals who become insanely wealthy feel tremendous guilt for having so much. So they do the only thing they can, they pimp themselves at charity fundraisers where someone else pays hundreds or thousands of dollars for the privilege of being in the same room as their awesome celebrity selves.

Almost always the celebrity is coerced into attending a fundraiser with insanely expensive gift baskets and tons of free publicity, showing how caring and involved they are in some random cause. Almost never do they volunteer any portion of their own wealth to the cause, of course. That's for someone else to do, don't you know how lucky you are that a famous person like themselves showed up at the circus! You can't be a liberal if you don't have someone else pick up the check!

Perhaps one of the downsides of "coming out" as Conservative was a kind of blacklisting by the Liberal Mac community. I am not going to blame my failure to "make it" entirely on someone else, that's silly. But I do firmly believe I was ignored or overlooked or even proudly ridiculed for being a Conservative in a world of Liberals. You know the ultra-tolerant accepting-of-all group that works so hard at actually not working like the average joe they claim to support.

Lest you think I am making some of this up, I have seen first hand the lies told about me in full public viewing. Lies intended to harm my business and my reputation for lone reason that I am openly Conservative and do not toe the Liberal anti-Bush line. I won't link to the site directly, but it was a site called PerversionTracker.com, started by a bitter young man apparently, to keep track of "bad" software. Kind of like a Dave Winer v2.0 for those who "get" that reference.

I have made mistakes, I accept that. I fully accept that I am not perfect. I do, however, avoid looking at criticism against me for the sake of criticism. I try to fix my mistakes and do the best I can as long as I know about them. Funny how few people point out problems with my site or my software to me. And fewer still say Thank You or Good Job when things are perfect. And for all that I do, I get jack squat in return. That's fine. If people want what I have and are not willing to compensate me or support my efforts in a civil manner I can take my business elsewhere.

I have already started working "behind the scenes" in computer software development. I have two bids in on two new jobs that would equal a months worth of pay at my old job, but for only about 1 1/2 weeks worth of work. Easy money. I may not reach as many people directly this way, but I will still make some kind of impact in the Mac community I have been a part of since 1986.

And I will be making a shitload more money for my work than what I get now pimping myself in the Shareware world.

As Eric Cartman would say: "Screw you guys, I'm goin' home."

Yay for me!

Mad props to Jim Turner over at Unix, Music and Politics for the Gmail invite. I already have my new Gmail account setup and stuff, sweet.

If I get any invites I will probably hand them out or something, depending on whether or not I get any.

I sent a test email to myself and it hasn't gotten through yet, not very encouraging. Oh well, it's still BETA and such.