When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Me too

I got one of them comics thingies too, now.

The only justification you need as to why I am not a gainfully employed comic book/strip author right there.

Kingdom of Loathing Tips, redux

I don't really have any more tips right now for Kingdom of Loathing, despite being a high-ranked site on Google so same.

One tip I can impart to your adventurers is to find the Hidden Temple (I honestly don't remember how I did that) and spend a day going through there to build up your character.

This is especially helpful to get to level 5 and beyond as you require a LOT of Mysticality to get to higher levels.

Once you reach level 5 (new players) go back to various areas and try them such as Nobb Goblin's treasury. You may get pretty banged up, but if you stick with it you can get some more "stuff."

And watch out for the Barrel full of Barrels, I always get slammed there.

Free Agent

Looks like Rush Limbaugh will be a free agent sometime soon.

I find it interesting that fully half of the AP article on the pending divorce of Rush Limbaugh is spent lashing back at Rush Limbaugh for his defending of hisself against illegal medical records seizures and blatant attempts by the (staunch Liberal) DA to smear Limbaugh with overzealous prosecution and allegedly dreamt-up charges against a very outspoken Conservative commentator.

You know if this were about a big Liberal celebrity the AP would be wholly sympthetic and the DA would try and bury the evidence to let the poor Lefty skate away free and clear.

I wonder if Rush bought his "$24 million" home before he was married, in Florida you can't lose assets in divorce that were held by the spouse before marriage.

Now you know why a lot of famous/rich people make their home in Florida, that and the lack of State income taxes (I believe, could be wrong).

No thank you

Why would I want to take something that looks like a tampon and rub it on my teeth when not at home?

No thank you.

I'm Goin to Hell, or maybe Phoenix in the Summer

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Low
Level 3 (Gluttonous)Moderate
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Moderate
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Low
Level 7 (Violent)Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Low
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Low

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

Update The more I think about it, the more I dislike this "test." It asked if you planned to or currently own an SUV (or gas hog). WTF? Who fucking cares? We don't have a gas shortage! You can buy as much as gas as you can AFFORD. If I can afford an SUV and I can afford to put gas in it, who the FUCK are YOU to tell me that i am wrong?

Why not ask if you have a home greater than 2,500 square feet? Shit, a family of four can live in 1,000 square feet easily - or less. You don't need more room, that's just being selfish! Euros live in tiny little closets, they have tiny refrigerators and tiny clothes washer/dryer combo units right there in the kitchen (because they have no room for a full size washer/dryer pair anywhere). We are all gluttonous pigs!

Fuck you and your Left-wing-biased crap. I will buy and consume ANYTHING I can afford and WANT. If I want a PlayStation 2, I will fucking get one even though I have an XBOX and a PlayStation already. And I will use it on my second 27" TV (which would have been a 32" TV if I could have carried it upstairs by myself). Assholes.


Hello, Kitty

I don't think a lot of Mac people appreciate the weight of the impending release of a Mac OS X-compatible v6.0 of the Parasolid kernel. Basically this is the equivalent to "WebKit" being available on the Mac platform (although without the very high-level API and built-in functionality of WebKit).

Maybe more akin to WebCore, I guess.

The Parasolid kernel powers a lot of high-end CAD/CAM/CAE software on Windoze. With this big chunk of the work done, the rest is basic UI-building and file format support. And hey hey we have that fancy does damn near everything Cocoa framework on OS X.

Might we finally see SurfCAM on the Mac? Or heaven forbid, Solidworks (does it still use Parasolid for the kernel?)???? *faints*

If that is utterly meaningless to you, well you suck. Get off my blog if you cant grok awk.


I watched Lifeforce last night on Encore-Action. And by watch it I mean I laid on the couch trying to remain conscious long enough to realize that the Doctor guy at the sanitarium is Capt. Piccard! Wow. Lifeforce came out in 1985, a few years before Star Trek TNG came on the air.

And no, the reason I was watching is not Mathilda May and her interesting costume (or lack thereof) in the movie. Horndogs. Sheesh.

Interestingly in the middle of the movie we find out the space vampires, who create energy-draining zombies (vampires, space vampires and zombies in one movie!), changed their appearance to be appealing to the British Space Shuttle (Skuttle?) crew. Okay so there was only one female astronaught inside the space vampire ship and we end up with two guy vampires and one female vampire. Exactly whose brain did the two male-likenesses come from? Wait, I don't want to know!

You know, the whole movie has a homosexual vibe running through it, not that there's anything wrong with that. Even Capt. Piccard acts somewhat faggish - before having his blood drained inside a helicopter to become a pseudo-vampire in one of the most intense gore scenes ever. Must be a European thing.

I really like the animatronic zombies in this movie. They move around a lot and look pretty good for the time period. They are not "wet" zombies like Dawn of the Dead, more like severely emaciated fully intact zombies. They obviously had a pretty large budget on this movie considering all of the special effects used and the quality of those effects.

In any event the ending is kinda predictable thanks to the implacable occultist doctor (I believe Dr. Hans Fallada) who just happens to work for the British space agency and somehow gets clued in on not only exactly how to kill the space vampires (the energy center exactly 3 inches below the heart), but has the exact weapon to do so (leaded iron, whatever that is).

An interesting movie for the period and genre, to be sure. Lots of overacting and suspension of belief (British Space Shuttle more advanced than the USA's?). And hey it has a very attractive young women in it who gets plenty of screen time. Honk honk.


This blog si teh suck!

I got nothing today.

Go play a video game, or watch music videos. Leave me alone...

Okay that was mean. To fill the void in your life that is so huge you are reading my blog to feel better about yourself, try these out sometime:

Try to fit the words "smarmy" or "ombudsman" into casual conversation.

Count the number of scratches on your iPod.

See how long you can hold your breath, and then see if you can beat that time, repeatedly.

Try to not think about polar bears.

Watch the Spanish-language TV shows and see how long it takes for you to figure out what the fuck the show is about. When you do, switch to another Spanish-language channel and start all over. See if you can beat your time from the previous show.

Order an Adult Pay-Per-View that has the absolute worst title you can find, watch it, and call the cable company and complain that it was not graphic/explicit enough and you want a refund. Or alternately just call the cable company and demand that they put gay porn on Pay-Per-View, really nasty gay porn. With at least 3 guys in each scene.

Go outside and look for other human beings, try talking to one of em. Especially the female ones, they are soft to the touch, which you would already know if you stepped outside once in a while instead of sitting on your ass looking at the Internet/TV all day/night.


Silly Things

I think my wife thinks I am strange because I have tendencies to collect things, any things.

I have a box full of old keychains, and another full of buttons with various sayings on them. I collect TV commercials (or try to, I need a TiVo!).

For years, literally, I have been amazed by the various animations featured in the small "factory" graphic on the Iconfactory.com's web site. Here are a few from today (fair use! don't sue me!):

I can't even remember all the variations this graphic has had over the years, but there are some really creative uses of such a small space and constrained resolution.

The second one above is based on an episode of Star Trek (TOS) where a rock creature was writing messages on the floor with its acid excretions.

One of my all-time favorites is when the roof opened around one of those round vents, and a UFO with that shape on top flew away. That was an awesome one.

These people make me feel like a pool of algae compared to their talent/skillset.


What. Ever.

Okay in that terrible (and rather short) movie Thir13en Ghosts (apparently named by the same people who gave us Se7en and 5IVE Days Til Midnight!) the Uncle guy who buys it in the first part of the movie pops up at the end of the movie with a big gash in his neck and full-alive (non-ghost-like).

Okay so was he undead, or magically not-dead or reincarnated or wtf? That totally throws me out of the story line because there he suddenly is, ripped open neck with (fresh) blood stains on his shirt very much "alive."

It's as if the writers couldn't figure out how to bring him back at the end, or maybe that explanatory scene was cut out, and so there he just IS. WTF?

And why was there no boobage from Shannon Elizabeth yet we get massive boobage from a "ghost" (poor girl she was basically naked the entire time she was on set)?

These are the things I think about throughout the day, much to the chagrin of my wife.


Apple has effective shut down a new Sony music "server" product called Sonos with the AirPort Express peripheral and AirTunes software.

I may heavily disagree with Steve Job's politics (and his buddy Al "I created the internet" Gore), but damn if they can't pull a rabbit out of the hat every once in a while.

Now if Apple could make a computer as nice looking as some of the Sony Vaio products, that'd be the epitome of consumer computing.

Why We Vote

This is why: "After taking office in 1981, Reagan began a sustained attack on the government’s civil rights apparatus, opened an assault on affirmative action and social welfare programs..."

Affirmative Action? Did that start and end in 1981 when Reagan took office? Which social welfare programs have ever been terminated in this country? So he cut personally cut Social Security benefits? I thought only Congress could pass laws, so the Congress just did whatever Reagan said? Why is Congress never blamed for anything?

Civil Right's apparatus? So we re-enslaved all blacks? I don't remember that. So when were the new slaves freed? Before or after Bill Clinton starting porking overweight interns in a closet in the White House?

And this one: "Reagan's policies thus bequeathed to us the major problems we now have in the world, including a militant Islamist International whose skills were honed in Afghanistan"

Hmm, I thought Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union and we only provided some meager assistance to help them throw off the Imperialist Aggressors? So by helping free the poor Afghanis (who have been invaded by pretty much everyone now) we were actually being eeeeevil imperialists sowing the seeds of Sept. 11 (and WTC 1993, African Embassy Bombings, USS Cole) on ourselves? I don't get it. I must need to spend four years in Berkeley to understand this kind of logic.


I disagree with this guy on the need for higher gas prices.

His world view is typical of the "do-gooder" Liberals. They see only themselves as at the mercy of high gas prices. They know nothing of the engines of commerce that make their cushy life possible.

Would this guy be willing to pay more for fresh produce that is trucked in or brought in on trains that also run on petroleum-based fuels? What about higher costs in a restaurant that uses fresh foods, or natural gas to cook with?

Would this guy be willing to pay more for household products that used natural gas/crude oil as a raw material? What about electricity produced from natural gas? BTW we get most of our natural gas from Canada, not OPEC-nations. Have we ever invaded Canada? Do we really need to so that we have cheap natural gas feedstock for producing various polymers resins or electricity generation?

Somehow I don't think paying tens of dollars more per week for non-gasoline products would be easy to take. And of course this is a dig at those gas gusling SUVs. The eeeevil bastards!

And why should public transportation be subsidized with higher oil prices? Public transporation is largely a failure because it is severely limited in capacity and route. Busses don't go everywhere or run on any reasonable schedule (due to poor planning or too few vehicles, traffic jams, breakdowns). Trains are limited to their routes, and frankly many people would object to elevated train trails snaking throughout a city.

Why not let happen what is already happening? The advancement of non-fossil fuel-based engines; either fuel cell or hydrogen-powered engines? We are just a few years away from commercializing these technologies behind the scenes, with funding coming from - get this - the big Automakers!

What people like this guy really want is for the Peons to be completely dependent on public services just to go to the store (where they no doubt use their Smart Chip US Food Card to "purchase" Government-approved Healthy Foods). Individuals don't need a vehicle, after all the Elites get around major cities just fine using cabs and trains for reasonable prices.


Except the other 99% of the country has to actually TRAVEL to different parts of town, the state or even the country to do our work or merely live our lives (go to the Doctor, school runs, store, going to home depot). Try taking home 3 5 gallon buckets of paint to repaint your house on a subway or a mico-machine sized solar-powered toy car. Oh wait, we won't have houses that need repainting, we will have government-assigned domicile units that are allocated according to social status in community "pods."



Yes, I know what happened

I know Reagan has died (first post on the Dead Pool 2004 blog), and I know today is D-Day + 60 years.

So I will watch Saving Private Ryan and play Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far (Operaiton Market Garden) later, okay?

Interestingly I am reading posts from a lot of bloggers about how they are "converts" to Conservatism because of Reagan somewhere along the lines. Quite honestly, I have always been Conservative. I always aligned with the Conservative party from my early years, to teen years to young adulthood.

I have always been pro-Business, pro-small and pro-limited government, pro-Defense (anti-Communist/Socialist) and staunchly pro-Life. I was old enough to vote for George H. W. Bush the second time he ran, but I (embarrasingly) was pro-Perot at the time. I went to a fundraiser and gave him some money (got a T-Shirt that has long since disappeared). I didn't vote at all that year, hey I was heading towards 19 and had other things on my mind like moving out and such.

It was a heavy blow when Clinton won, I literally felt numb for a few minutes. Turns out I was right to regret Clinton winning (WTC 1993, Oklahoma City 1995, African Embassies, USS Cole, Lewnskigate, "Co-President" Hillary, Dot-com implosion).

The point is that I would have voted for Bush that time, and didn't. I would NEVER have voted for a Democrat. It would not have been a vote AGAINST Clinton. I voted in every Presidential election since, I voted for Bob Dole for pete's sake (almost a vote against Clinton, sorta).

I even drug my family to a church (why is it no one protests voting places being in Churches?) to vote against a Superwalmart planned in an area of town I grew up in - that already has WALMART, Costco, Best Buy, KMarts et al. Superboxes are fine, if the area is devoid of any large shopping centers not to ADD more shopping to an already congested area.

If anything I have become MORE staunchly Conservative, especially post-Sept. 11. I supported Gulf War I and the War on Terror 100%. I wish Clinton had the balls to get his hands dirty during his regime, we'd be done with Kosovo and Al Queda would have been wiped out.

I disagree with Bush on some issues, but I understand his desire to try and work with Dimocrats, Bush is President of all the people while Senators represent the interests of only specific areas of the country. Social programs can help, but a lot of what Bush wanted to do has not been enacted yet and may never be (school vouchers, faith-based initiative funding on par with secular agencies). I think the Education Dept. should be totally revamped and focus on setting standards only, to create a baseline for ALL schools to strive for. Then let the schools apply the curriculum to best achieve that standard and allow parents to choose where to send their kids.

I proudly flew an American flag at my mother's home and at my parent's former business. I am the one who installed the mounting bracket and put it out and took it down on the appropriate days. I do, however, feel that having an actual flag pole is a bit much in a neighborhood however. But I don't think a Homeowner's Association can force you to sell your house if you refuse to take it down.

I have a personal opinion that people who are Sept. 11 Republicans are still Liberal deep inside, they are most likely still pro-Abortion and pro-Social Welfare for all and wouldn't mind higher taxes because its not like they pay that much anyway. I see it in their comments. They are pro-Bush because Bush is a strong leader right when we really needed one. If it wasn't for Sept. 11 they'd be first in line to vote him OUT of office this November.

Hopefully they will stay on the right side, and maybe their kids will grow up with positive impressions of the Right side. And maybe they will realize that independence, strength and self-determination are guiding principles that really DO work and should not be replaced with Socialism, nanny-state and endless welfare programs.

Just my opinion, in case you disagree.

Kingdom of Loathing Tips

Heres some stuff I gleaned from playing Kingdom of Loathing:

If you get a locked Orcish meat locker, get the rusty L-shaped piece of metal and the crusty L-shaped piece of metal. Combine them (with one Meat Paste). This makes a t-bone shaped key that unlocks the meat locker giving you a meat stack and empty meat locker. Place the empty meat locker at your campsite.

If you get a bar skin and the wooden stakes combine them to make a barskin tent, place it at your campsite.

You can make a spooky Scarecrow:

Combine spooky stick and spooky Shrunken Head to make a Spooky Staff (weapon, power 30)
Combine spooky staff with wooden stakes to make a spooky Scarecrow.

Place it at your campsite.

To grow a Familiar get the terrarium from the Marketplace and place it at your campsite. Use the baby familiar (I have a bunch of mosquito larva). Go to the campsite and click on the terrarium link and get your Familiar - you can rename it if you want.

If you get a bunch of spider-webs you can combine two of them to get a really sticky spider-web, and then combine two of those to make a really really sticky spider web. Allegedly you can combine a basic meat sword and a really really stick spider-web, but it didn't work for me.

Lastly: if you have something with "cheese" in its name, and you combine it with "anti-cheese" you end up with whatever it was, minus the "cheese" part (cottage cheese, goat cheese, figure it out).

If anyone wants to trade items my name is Nitride in the game (and I haven't smashed the Hippy Stone, yet).