When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Sopranos Sunday!

I am betting Tony B. gets whacked tomorrow night. I think it will be Christopher that does it. He has clearly chosen the side he wants to be on after giving up Adriana and her subsequent "whacking."

I just don't see Tony B. being a recurring character after this end of the latest story arc. When shit goes really bad family gets closer and hunkers down. You don't start taking out your family members when things get tough, especially if they turn on their own fiances like Christopher did.

Just my opinion.

Not the same thing

Instapundit Glenn equated the pure hatred the Left has for Bush to the feelings the Right had towards Bill Clinton. I don't think it's the same thing. We disliked Clinton, and we strongly disliked how he handled the affairs of the Presidency almost from day one (Don't ask, Don't Tell).

What we really hated about Clinton is that he let many issues build up over time without actually dealing with them to completion. In 1993 the WTC was bombed by Al Queda. War was declared on the USA. Clinton rounded up the "criminals" and... filed lawsuits. Seeing our reaction Al Queda continued unabated. Eventually bombing two embassies in Africa and the USS Cole in port in Yemen.

By contrast George W. Bush had Al Queda on the run within months of Sept. 11, 2001. And for that the Left hates Bush. We actually used our military might to defend ourselves which in their world translates into killing women and children only.

Hating Bush for doing his job, which is to defend this country from foreign agression, is stupid. We didn't hate Clinton for doing his job. We severely disliked his non-performance almost across the board. He just didn't really do much of anything. Even the SEC was reigned in to allow the Dot-Com explosion and subsequent implosion.

Sure taxes flowed in like never before, but once the implosion happened all of the projected surpluses evaporated right before Bush took office (and was subsequently blamed for the flamed-out economy). Clinton did nothing and gets a pass while Bush get's blamed for everything.

Clinton said the same basic facts about Saddam Hussein as George W. Bush. One many did nothing, the other removed him from power. Bush is a man of principles who does what he says, even if Conservatives disagree with his ideas. Clinton pointed whichever direction had the highest poll numbers that day and ended up doing very little, even lying to the entire country on live TV (while the media gave him props for being so sneaky).

To say that the Right hated Clinton the same way as the Left hates Bush is just completely wrong and is being used as some kind of defense for the Left's increasingly unhinged anti-Bush behavior.

I am smiling

Why am I smiling? Because I will win the PowerBall tonight and get out of this hellhole of an existence once and for all? NO! ( I cant play the lotto on the odd chance of winning which will mess up our legal situation).

I am smiling because I am playing bass-heavy songs through my computer speakers (JBL Creatures) underneat the redneck neighbors who decided to have a ho-down (hoe-down?) last night at about 1 am. I guess they were still sleeping, because about 40 min. ago they started stomping around quite excitedly - even dropping the 500 lb. lead block on the floor/ceiling several times (just now in fact!)

Woke 'em up, hah!

Yay for technology!


Take One For the Team

So that CIA directory guy resigned. Whatever. He was a Clinton-era appointee, wonder how many times CNNMSNBCABCCBSNBC will mention that part of the story?

Tenet pretty much FUBAR'd on 9/11, we knew something was coming but we didn't know what it was. That goof up cost us nearly 3,000. Add those numbers to the people lost in 1993's WTC bombing, Oklahoma City in 1995, the African Embassy bombings (two of em) and the USS Cole which all happened under Bill Clinton's presidency and (most?) under Tenet.

Tenet claims he met with Clinton twice. Twice. Two times.

Bush met with Tenet constantly (before 9/11 I would bet it was more infrequent, being busy with transition and the economy tanking).

Maybe Tenet was endeared towards Bush for all the lavish attention (and support) he got from Bush, and Bush basically had him by the nards over the failure of Sept. 11. And maybe Tenet just couldn't take being blamed for another "failure", this time to find Iraq WMDs, like Sarin and Mustard gas artillery shells that were found by some thugs along with various bioweapon samples in abandoned labs, which don't count I guess.

I wonder what kind of perks Tenet will get from the President? A letter of recommendation? Will his parking sticker be validated by the White House? Can he use his copier code to make bunch of copies of his resume and use the CIA fax machine to send them out? I wonder if his resume has any blacked out lines on it like other government documents with "sensitive" info on them.

Oh well. The Left got what they wanted, and yet they are now lamenting a "good man" being let go (Sen. Daschle's words). This, again, proves that you can never please the Left. No matter what you do is wrong, even if its exactly what they wanted. Does anyone else not see this?


Show me the money

I have had -zero- hits on that Where's George thing. None. Nadda.

I did get a bill with the URL stamped on it once, that was pretty cool. I entered it, and I have no way of seeing its stats now. That's rather lame. Or maybe I can't figure out this web site. Hmm. I dunno.

Jumped the Shark months ago, blah.

No Comment Required

This is just sad:

About CodeForce Software
Hi Im Peter MacWhinnie The Owner Of CodeForce Software.
Im 12. Thats Right Im In The 7th Grade And Im Home Schooled
Right Now We Have 4 Members At CodeForce Software:
Peter MacWhinnie (Me) The Programer
Andrew Does The Art In All Of Are Apps
Liz Beck Is A Beta Tester For CodeForce
Marcel Vachon Is All So A Beta Tester.
Well Thats Us At CodeForce Software.
Are First Peace Of Software Is The Echo Web Browser.
I Made The Echo Web Browser Be Cuz Hate Safari
Well That All Thnx For Looking.

My 7 year old is writing better than this 12 year old (as far as capitalization and spelling goes). Poor kid. This just proves a spellchecker doesn't help you to accurately write any language, all the words (except Cuz or Thnx) are spelled correctly.

I am somewhat split on home schooling. It is very difficult to teach young children the skills they need to succeed in this modern world. This isn't the 19th century anymore people, you must read and write English properly and be able to do basic math (even with a calculator). The reason we created organized schools was not to indoctrinate children to become loyal citizens of the State, it's because it takes very specialized skills to teach kids at an early age to become useful members of society.

My 7 year old is already past this kid's writing skills and my daughter is going to enter the 2nd grade this fall.

Today the schools are being changed to indoctrinate certain ideologies into our kid's brains, however. My daughter had a "guidance" class once a week, she learned not to do drugs and not to smoke. She told her friend that her mother would die because her mother smokes cigarettes. On the one hand that's kinda young to start with the Just Say No stuff, on the other I'd rather her grow up beliving drugs are bad so that hopefully she won't ever get into that mess. I never did, my wife didn't. It is possible to grow up without getting into drugs. We don't smoke or even drink coffee.

If you are going to home school, buy the books appropriate for the child's age and follow them explicitly. Don't skip ahead or "dumb down" the lessons. Or just send 'em to school and let the trained teachers handle it, but also verify that your kids are learning. Sending kids to school does not absolve you of parental responsibilities to educate your child.

Original version over here.


Why Can't I Do That?

Don't you love it when someone starts a Mac "fix it" web site, collects numerous bits of info over the years from unpaid willing contributors, and then collates all of the info into a book that they then sell back to all the same people who unknowingly contributed the contents for free?

I mean its not like other web sites do the same thing, right?


Time Waster

If you are like me, that is if you are endlessly waiting for Corporate HR-types to "get back to you" about that job application and fill time by doing contract/independent programming while being a Stay-At-Home-Dad, you have time to fill during the day.

I found this game called Kingdom of Loathing., that reminds me of Cash Wars (remember that?), enough to keep me from peeling my fingernails off out of sheer boredom.

The Difference a Drink, Or Not, Makes

Looking down the page, its amazing what *not* tossing back a few Coronas does to one's typing and language skills.

Of course right now I am out of caffeine and I am dying of thirst. Water, blah water. I need something to divert my attention.. mm... Matrix Reloaded...

Countering Arguments from the Left

Heres a few quick responses to pointed jabs from the Left on various topics:

War is bad because people may die.

Lefties: "How many poets, artists, scientists who would find cures for diseases, leaders has war killed over the last century for any reason?"

Your reply: "How many poets, artists, scientists who would find cures for diseases, leaders has abortion killed, because the mother couldn't be inconvenienced by being pregnant for a few months?"

"Soldiers, free-thinking adults, voluntarily served in large numbers in most recent wars. Our military today is entirely voluntary including the National Guard and reserves. No one asks each aborted fetus if it would like to live or not, the rights of the fetus to life are superseded by the mother's right (not expressed in the Constitution) to have an abortion on-demand."

More people have died because of abortion, before they could assert their human rights, than have died in wars in the name of the USA."

The USA isn't worth fighting for, nothing was ever solved by war in the name of the USA.

Lefties: "War in the name of the USA has destroyed numerous countries, wiped out civilizations, damaged cultures, prevented alternate governmental systems from succeeding."

Your reply: "War stopped slavery in this country, stoped Nazi takeover of Europe and Africa (twice), imperial expansion by Japan into the Pacific towards the USA, liberated countries that were invaded by their non-democratic neighbors all over the world."

"Democracies do not attack each other."

"No populace has ever voluntarily accepted communist/totalitarian rule in history. In all cases communism was forced on the people."

The War on Terror is about Oil. We get most of our oil from Saudi Arabia.

Lefties: "George W. Bush is in league with the Saudis and is conspiring to raise gas prices."

Your reply: "Our number one source of crude oil is Canada, second is Mexico, third is Saudi Arabia. Our number one supplier of Natural Gas imports is Canada. We are not at war with Canada or Saudi Arabia or Mexico. Osama Bin Laden is a Saudi exile forced from his homeland because of his radical beliefs and war against the west."

"We have not built any new refining capacity in many years yet demand has steadily increased and today different parts of the country require special blends of fuel. Special blends of fuel reduce the overall capacity of production, as smaller amounts of fuel are made in fewer refineries. Demand increases at the beginning of Summer combined with constricted supplies causing prices to rise every year."

"Bush wanted to open up domestic sources of oil in areas that are not populated or even very hospitable. Our technology has advanced significantly as is safer and more efficient than ever before. Thousands of jobs, union jobs, would be created for many years. Democrats opposed the plan citing environmental concerns that remain unproven."

"Democrats now decry high gas prices hitting the "little guy" the hardest and yet refused to help the "little guy" get better paying union jobs or reduce gas prices while increasing supply and decreasing our reliance on foreign sources of crude oil."

"Nuclear power is safe and clean, yet no new nuclear power plants have been built in over two decades. France (darling of the Left) gets 80% of its power from Nuclear Power plants, why can't we?"