When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Mock Post about Mock Outrage

On Primetime Live tonight, there is "mock" outrage over the eeeeevil adult entertainment industry.

Cleverly the producers of the story tonight slant things against the eeeeevil Corporate America, a blanket group that is intended to disparage all of those eeeeevil faceless organizations who only exist to make money! Like say, National Broadcasting Company, Inc.

See, using blanket labels is a tactic by the Left to scare "ordinary Americans" into thinking all corporations are eeeevil, despite half the jobs in this country being provided by corporations of some sort.

And yet when the cause is favored by the Left we are told that we cannot group people into blanket label-groups because we must understand the individual. For example we are told that we must not hate all Muslims, despite a large number of them attempting to kill us all and wipe out or civilization. This dead-ender belief system is not shared by all Muslims thus we are scolded by the left, while they claim all of corporate America is somehow responsible for porn.

Oh and the performers in porn are shockingly as young as 18. Eighteen! Why they are just babies, who can vote, buy cigarettes, buy lotto tickets, enter into contracts and binding legal agreements, get married, buy real estate...

And get this they don't have benefits or (the horror!) HEALTH COVERAGE! The OUTRAGE!

Somehow people who voluntarily enter the porn industry accepting that 1) they will have sex with lots of people in various ways and 2) are not going to get benefit or HEALTH COVERAGE(!) doesn't bring me to denounce this whole country and want to vote for a Democrat this November to fix things!

And it won't make me hate the faceless CORPORATE AMERICA that is trying to destroy our children who voluntarily enter the adult entertainment industry thinking, falsely, that they will become famous and rich due to the constant barrage of distorted morals from the likes of Madonna, Britney Spears, drug-aggled celebrities getting second, third, fourth chances that the same media, currently wagging its finger at me here, previously conveyed was acceptable!!

What he said!

To amplify the echo-chamber effect:

RNC Communications Director Jim Dyke, in response to Gore's lunatic fringe tirade yesterday:

“Al Gore served as Vice President of this country for eight years. During that time, Osama Bin Laden declared war on the United States five times and terrorists killed US citizens on at least four different occasions including the first bombing of the World Trade Center, the attacks on Khobar Towers, our embassies in East Africa, and the USS Cole.”

“Al Gore’s attacks on the President today demonstrate that he either does not understand the threat of global terror, or he has amnesia.”

Props to Michelle at A Small Victory (who apparently has more free time/patience than me to find crap like this).

28 Days Later Sucks Balls

The Euro-created "28 Days Later" un-zombie movie has got to be the worst crap I have seen in the genre for years.

First of all it isn't even a real "zombie" movie. The infected people are not un-dead, they are simply infected with some virus that turns them into mindless killers. OooOooh scary!

This is the movie's fatal flaw, because you can pretty much kill the infected by shooting any major organ or whacking off their limbs. Zombies, being undead, can be shot and they still come at you. Whack off a limb, the still come at you. The whole point is that they are not DEAD, they are undead.

Second (almost) the entire population of Britain was "evacuated" from the island so there are very few normal people left and a handful of infected people to scurry about. This is BORING. There is no real impetus to save humanity because humanity has skipped town.

More fatal flaws re the Infected (non-Zombies):

  • They die easily, guns and a lot of ammo takes care of the problem. I guess in Europe no one had guns so the populace all bailed, typical.
  • How does the main character manage to walk all through the city making all kinds of noise and not get spotted until walking into a church (yeah that was some kind of sub-text message) where three Infected are camped out?
  • The Infected don't seem to be cannibals, they merely kill. Zombies eat people, only people. Which is scarier?
  • Blood spatter can infect you, and in several scenes there is a lot of fighting with the Infected and yet no one gets infected - stick to the rules or don't have them to begin with
  • the Infected eventually starve to death or die off, in a real Zombie movie the dead would rise up which makes it much scarier
  • Why is the left so fascinated with non-White cultures - every Euro-trash movie has an interracial couple? Oh wait, White Race Guilt. Our race is putrid, vile, unworthy of being here. Then why don't they all commit suicide and get out of the way? Oh wait; White birth-rates are already dropping in Europe to levels below mere sustainability, they are systematically wiping themselves out - why? Is this their "Progressive" society?

This movie just plain sucks balls. Ugh. Euros can't even make a decent Zombie movie.

Have you ever Not Felt, anything?

I don't feel like anything today. I don't feel like watching TV, reading website's (blogs, news, geek stuff). I don't feel like working on New Ideas or anything that could potentially make me money (but hasn't, which may be more reason not to do it).

I just don't want to do anything today. Maybe its the weather, threatening rain and never delivering. Not that a pounding thunderous storm that may kill the power is desirable, but at least it would be a distraction.

I don't know what the source of this malaises (I love that word) is at this juncture.

We did have some heavy-duty Grown Up stuff to deal with this week. And ever more coming in the months ahead. Our oldest daughter is now out of school (1st grade) and our second will join the corps this fall with the Kindergarten rank and file. That's actually a relief, not a source of unbearable weight pressing down.

Both kids in school, leaving us both free to seek full-time gainful employment for the first time in nearly 8 years! Our Grown Up stuff is quickly wrapping up leaving us in healthy financial shape for the first time in, again, 8 years.

We are talking about getting a house, a real home, for the first time. I may even get the first new never-been-owned vehicle of my life.

So why do I feel this way?


Deadwood Mustache/Van Dyke Update

My "old west" mustache/van dyke combination is coming along nicely. It needs to be shaped a bit more which won't take more than a few days or so. I will post an image when it's "done" to my satisfaction.

Wifey hasn't said anything about it. Either she doesn't notice or doesn't care. Blah. What is it women say? I'm doing it for ME not YOU.

What are you looking at, cocksucker?

Dead Pool Relocated

In case you were participating in the Amish Tech Support Dead Pool 2K4 and were completely unaware that the site has moved over here, consider yourself informed.

Got it?


I have replaced SiteMeter, which is apparently in a coma right now as far as sm4 goes, for another (free) site-tracker service. I added it to my "business" web site and it seems to work, but with more limits (only shows the last 20 visitors? ugh). But its eXTReme Tracking! I somehow expect it to go other websites and drag it's users over to my site and force them to read my pages, all of them.

I am, again, co-blogger on another site. I am using my blog-identity on there this time. Yes, it really is me over on the Dead Pool blog. Really. I swear. Don't make me stop this car!


What's Up With SiteMeter?

I heard sm5 went down over at SiteMeter, and sm4 (what I use) is off again, on again, off again.

It seems to be off again (at this moment) or I am suddenly very-unpopular.

I guess you can't bitch when it's free...

Router Failure, or is it...

I can't reach Little Green Footballs or Instapundit right now (Comcast cable modem, mid-Tennessee area). Its a CONSPIRACY!

I was going to see if an article in the SF Gate about how Mac users are as misunderstood as Muslims was making the rounds.

I guess the five men standing over Nick Berg were not true Muslims, then?

I guess the moral equivalence is to then say Al Franken and his ilk are not true Americans as they fail to represent the majority of the American public's opinions on George W. Bush?

Just asking is all...

It's because of the Pewwwwwws!

Okay now here comes the discrediting of the Pew survey finding most newsrooms are Liberal-dominated.

According to Editor and Publisher the public views the media as being more conservative than liberal. I can explain this disconnect. The public views anyone who is not calling for Bush to be dragged from the White house as "conservative" or at least "favoring the Bush administration."

These kinds of people cannot understand why no one else realizes there never were WMDs in Iraq, despite the insurgents finding and using them unknowingly in recent weeks. The shells were of a design that Saddam did not have prior to 1991, and yet they appear to be several years old and unmarked - how do they reconcile this conundrum?

Now the media is requiring stockpiles of WMDs be found, after evidence of their existence has surfaced. Do they get tired constantly moving the goal posts? Does the media constantly have meetings discussing how they can further discredit Bush time after time when he is vindicated by the facts?

So the survey that shows no Liberal bias is touted as being "real" because it is based on the perception of the media, not what it really is. Which in some ways is even worse since these people are going to be voting and teach children with the same kind of warped personal beliefs.

I am very close to giving up on humanity at this point, anyone wanna take a bet on which species will rise up to replace us?

No! No way!

Pew Survey Finds Moderates, Liberals Dominate News Outlets..

You're kidding! No! I can't believe that this is true!

via Drudge.


The People Above Us

There are rednecks living above us, and next to us. God Bless apartment buildings.

The people above us randomly dropping lead blocks that weigh between 200-500 pounds. Sometimes they wait until past 11 P.M. to do this, out of consideration for their monkey-child that literally stands in the window in nothing but a diaper banging his head against the window making grunting noises.

Sometimes they do this earlier, like say 4:30 A.M. to get a head start on the lead block-dropping for the day.

I hate them. I hate them more than Hilary Clinton.

They want to get a dog, and keeping with redneck tradition they are getting a pitt bull. How lovely.

I swear I will sell an organ to get a down payment to buy a home this fall. I'm not kidding at all.

I won't miss our next door neighbors who argue with each other, also at 4:30 A.M. I guess it's a redneck thing.

Oh, That Media!

The Simpson's has really REALLY jumped the shark.

They just tonight made fun of a *conservative* Itchy and Scratch cartoon being made in Korea. I'm sorry, wasn't The Simpson's largely created in Korea since like the second season or so?

And I love how they try to say Rupert Murdoch controls all media. Hmm, how do they explain the decidedly left-wing NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, NPR, The New York Times, The La Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The New Yorker...

I digress.

At least Mars Attacks had a bit of realism when France surrenders to the Martians. And I guess the innefectual spineless (I'm guessing) Democrat President. The President in Independence Day must have been a Republican, as he was a former fighter pilot and after learning of the alien's plans for earth said simply "Nuke 'em."

Oh and the totally disinterested public oblivious to the invasion, only until things actually blow up right next to them.

And somehow I don't think it is coincidence that HBO shows movies that are oddly prescient to the current events. As long as they don't show Twister and Top Gun alternately for two weeks straight, again.

Dumbass News

Regarding this story about a man eating Cicadas and gettin rather sick:

1. Uhm, Eww!
2. WTF was he thinking when he decided to actually eat the bugs, BUGS?!
3. Why did his wife let him do it, he apparently offered her some. What did she know, and when did she know it?
4. Eww!
5. What a Dumbass!