When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



I think I am going to grow my goatee and mustache like they have on the old-west-Sopranos spin off "Deadwood" on HBO; a show where virtually every other word is a cuss word - usually "cocksucker."

My wife hates that show. Too bad.

The handle-bar mustache and actual goatee old-west-look is a nice little diversion now that everyone seems to have the "van dyke" look. I am already grooming mine in, had to trim it for a business meeting but it will grow back quickly.

My wife absolutely hates my decision. Good.

Meeting Redux

Well I had a positive meeting with *two* representatives from the company I am actively courting. They indicated they needed to talk to higher-ups and "get back to me."

I am not sure what my chances are, but they are about to launch a new product and I am sure they could use an extra hand for whatever area they will be bogged down in.

I think I impressed them with my depth of experience in just about all areas they deal with, so something should happen.

Turns out they are not that large of a company, under 50 people. Does it help if I cross my fingers and quietly murmur "hire me" over and over?

Waiting Game

I actually have my lunch meeting with a local tech company today, not yesterday as I indicated. Sitting here waiting to go and find out, something.

My wife helpfully jinxed me by pointing out I did something similar several years ago i.e. going to meet a tech company person at the same type of restaurant at the same time of year. That one ended badly. Will this one, too? Am I finally due to catch a break?

We shall find out in several hours.

Tick tock, tick tock...


Dont you hate it when..

Don't you hate it when you see a video game commercial on TV for some new game that totally kicks all kinds of ass? And it would blow away any game you have already spent way more than your rent on last month? And you wait till the end of the commercial to find out that it is for a game console...



I really hate that, since I got an XBOX. All of sudden all the really cool games are for the Playstation 2 or Gamecube, like that new Transformers game (Generation-X representin'!). Hey I think it's cool at least.

Oh well. I can turn my XBOX into web server, if I wanted to. Neener neener.


Censor my blog, please!

Looks like someone at CyberPatrol "checked out" my web site. They sell software to filter out all the content you don't want your kid to have access to, like conservative blogs and Rush Limbaugh.

Please block this site from young impressionable minds! They cannot handle the truth, that life progressively sucks more and more as you get older and older.

Most of you will not go to college, most of you will end up in jobs you absolutely hate and have nothing at all to do with your natural skill set (good at drawing? get ready to drive a forklift for $9/hour for the next 10 years!).

Stay in school kids, take every class you can. Throw out all those credit card offers except one or two that do NOT require you to send them money first and have a single-digit interest rate for at least 6 months and do not go over 20% after that. Pay more than the minimum every month and then pay it OFF as quick as possible.

Don't change jobs very often, at least 6 month or better a year per job is a good rule of thumb. Try going through a temp agency to find a job you like, it sucks for employers to use one-day temp job skippers (been there, done that) but it works out for you since you are not tied down to one crappy employer. Pay your taxes or at least file right after you get your W2s, don't wait till the last minute especially if you have to pay. Make up the tax owed with some overtime one weekend or two and forget about it for another year.

And the last thing DON'T GET MARRIED until you are at least older than 25 for males or 23 for women. And then don't get pregnant for at least a year in case you find out you cannot be married to each other - its best for all to get an easy divorce without kids. And if you want to play the field use BIRTH CONTROL. She lies, oh she will lie like there's no tomorrow. So will he.

That's about it.

Blah blah blah

Vote for my iTunes playlist thingy. It may be the only you vote this year that actually means something to me.

Still No Joy

Okay it appears the temp in the LA area is above 97 "record" highs in May. Even with the higher temps, they are not higher than the record highs for April or June.

If the temp was 108 or something, yeah that would be bad. What we actually see is a new-normal based on the massive size of the city (all that concrete, glass absorbing and reflecting heat) and the smog and the increased solar activity we have had in the past few years (the Sun is providing the heat energy, why is no one questioning whether or not the Sun is making things hotter?).

Update: The whole point is that it is not getting hotter overall, consistently month to month. It is actually getting hotter at the extreme ends on specific dates. Again no one questions where this extra energy is really coming from (the Sun) or why it is not being consistently maintained. It is simply anecdotal science i.e. "this is the hottest its ever been!"

Increases in CO2 does not happen independently of any other effect. It turns out the biomass is increasing with all of the available CO2 that plants breathe in. Nature compensates for changes in the environment, eventually.

Paul Harvey Is a Kook

Paul Harvey repeatedly spouts off Leftist propaganda on the radio unchallenged, or perhaps merely ignored as the old kook he has turned into.

Today he used various "scare words" in his daily rant, phrases such as "in bed with the enemy" and "war without war" and made a disingenious comment calling the high temp of 97 degrees in Los Angeles the hottest temp "ever."

Uhm, no, it's not the hottest temp ever in LA. April has had a high that was 7 degrees hotter than May historically. June also had higher temps historically than May. So to say 97 is the hottest temp ever, ever is flat out wrong. But not that anyone else would know this, merely assuming his presence on the radio makes him an authority on everything.

I have also heard Paul Harvey previously whining about the loss of farmland in my home state of Arizona. First of all modern farming techniques reduce the amount of land required to produce a given amount of product. Second of all demand for agricultural products and the agricultural lifestlye has been consistently declining as people move to urban population centers (over the last century) and modern manufacturing increasingly creates products that were once "grown."

This kind of thinking also ignores the trend that the natural lands and forests are actually larger and healthier than at any time since this country's founding due to overzealous fire supression and pollution controls. Wildfires used to burn from the Mississippi to the Rockies unchecked. Today if there is any kind of fire its instantly put out to try and preserve people's property. Only rarely does a fire rage out of control destroying everything, and when it does it is due largely to the overgrown underbrush that smaller fires would normally clear out.

Fire is actually required for many types of tree's seeds to germinate and to allow other species of plants to flourish as they not only have room to grow but "fixed" nitrogen is added to the soil from the burnt/dead plants, a component necessary for plants to grow. Bush's healthy forrest initiative acknowledged this recent mindset change regarding forest management, and was instantly denounced for it by the likes of the Sierra Club and other far-left Greenies. I guess environmentalists would rather people lose everything, perhaps even their life, in an out of control wildfire than use controlled burns that make the forest healthier?

Goddamn crazy Liberals.

Maybe this time things will be different...

I landed a "lunch meeting" with a local computer peripheral maker, with no promises of a job though.

Not sure if I should be elated or pessimistic on this one. I don't necessarily have a job to step into, but yet I get to meet with someone over lunch to talk about what, my music preferences or to discuss the geo-political ramifications as it relates to the Global War on Terror regarding the recent Iraqi prisoner abuses by US forces?

We shall find out Wednesday!