When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Apparently no Googlewhack for me, fuckers

Apparently you need to use two words that appear in the dictionary[.com] that have only one hit to get a "Googlewhack."

Whatever, goddamn lusers who made up the game did it because they have no life and are not getting laid and have only the stupid Googlewhack game to keep themselves amused and meet other lusers.


Now if you will excuse me I have to go to sleep as it's nearly 1 a.m. and my kids (byproduct of having heterosexual SEX with a WOMAN) will be awake in 5 hours or less wanting to be fed, again. You'd think once a day or so would be enough, but nooooooooooo.

Anyone, anyone... ?

Anyone remember "porntipsguzardo" and what it was for?

There was literally one hit for it on Google, wasn't that like some game last year (finding a Google search with only one hit)?

Anyone out there? Hello?


Stack the Vote

Ben & Jerry's is holding a publicity stunt to encourage people to vote with its Rock the Vote promotion. If you sign up and register to vote you can get a free iTunes music download and the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Ben & Jerry's plant in Vermont.

I have seen a handful of comments calling to task the heavily Liberal Ben & Jerry's involvement in getting people to vote who would not otherwise (disenfranchised young people who pretty much vote as a bloc for Dimocrats). There are some saying this is bribery (the iTunes free song, the trip) but others say its just way to get anyone to vote.

I'm sorry, but if you need freebies and a trip to convince you to participate in a Presidential election you probably shouldn't be voting for anything until you finish growing up into adulthood.

My real problem with the campaign is the subtle "hints" that are dropped around around the edge that are blatantly biased against Republicans and George W. Bush. The Ben & Jerry's tag line is "Turn it around" under the word "VOTE" spelt backwards. So the voting needs to be turned around this time? Turned around against the incumbent or the candidate currently leading in the polls (George Bush in both cases)?

Another element that is implied via the Choose or Loose campaign which aims to get 20 million new voters is that if only a few more people had voted last time the preferred candidate would have officially won. I guess if that had happened there would not have been a recession or a Sept. 11 attacks because the entire world would breathe a collective sigh of relief at the notion that the status quo would be maintained (that is, economic chicanery hiding the declining economy and the terrorist threat from Al Queda that had been actively targeting the USA since 1993).

The Choose or Loose compaign again implies that if you don't vote (against Bush) this time, you will really be screwed. You won't be able to choose who to marry (you can choose anyone you want now as long as they are of the opposite sex, you can't marry a child to get a marriage and child tax credit simultaneously, sorry). You won't be sent to war (a war we didn't ask for and in fact had to deal with after nearly 8 years of attacks that went unanswered by Bill Clinton). Your taxes will be used to give tax cuts to the wealthy (only the wealthy actually pay any taxes at this point). And heaven forbid your Social Security will be taken away (not due to the mismanagement and misspending over the entire history of the program, but because Bush wants to take some of the "money" and put it in a savings account for you to actually accrue interest for a change).

Call it what you want, these promotions and "grass roots" campaigns to "get out the vote" have a purpose all right, to get more Dimocrats registered to fight the growing Conservative swing of America. A swing that is finally fighting back against the amoral Left that wants to fuck anything that moves, take any drugs and have the working-wealthy pay for it all (except celebrities who are actually "normal" people who just happen to have 4 multi-million dollar homes and 5-6 cars that individually cost more than most people make in one year).

It won't work guys, you are underestimating the lethargy of your voting bloc. And our people tend to be more energetic and enthusiastic about doing grown up things such as voting instead of IM'ing and playing XBOX all night and sleeping all day.

Minimum Wage is Evil

My wife works at a daycare, she gets minimum wage. All employees, regardless of experience or responsibilities (dealing with children from babies up to school-age) get minimum wage.

Why does my wife get paid the minimum? Because that is the legal floor for wages across the country for all jobs except a select few such as waitstaff in a restaurant. If there was no legally-imposed floor I would bet you that my wife could get more than the current minimum wage for the same job.


Because very few people would work for *less* money at that same job and thus there would be fewer people or more lower-quality people working for the lower rate at the same job than when they can negotiate their wages higher.

Removing the floor actually allows the employee to negotiate their wage by floating up and down as the market dictates. Right now all hourly wages are based off the minimum as a reference. You make $10? That's a little under twice minimum wage. There is very little wiggle room when the employer tells you that you are lucky to make double minimum wage! You take it or leave it.

And why not make minimum wage $10 an hour? Or $20 an hour? Why stop there, why not set the floor to $40k a year. That's a pretty reasonable level of comfort.

Is your cost of living fixed with a minimum value? In some parts of the country the cost of living is several times that of the others. Southern states not on the coast may be cheaper than the western states not on the coast, the coasts are all insanely high. To "fix" this inequality the minimum wage is artificially raised; the quality of work or people doing the work doesn't change - they simply get paid more.

No one ever dares reduce regulation or lower taxes, the problem is people don't get paid enough money to PAY the taxes, levies and fees!

Higher minimum wage has an unintended side effect of pushing up all wages, after all you can't continue to offer someone 20-30% more than the former minimum wage when minimum wage itself has been raised 30% or more.

Costs must be raised to cover the artificial increase in wages, but if you do you get accused of price gouging. Intellectuals sit around and cluck approvingly of artificial wage increases, but you will catch all kinds of hell if you charge more for their lattes and sushi to pay for the wage increases they demanded!

And why is the cost of living so high? Could it be all the taxes and regulations imposed on the property owners? Taxes that get sent to the "working poor" who have three tvs with cable, two vehicles, free health insurance (paid for by the property and business owners)? It's actually better to be poor in our society now with all the perks and leeway you get!

You can get secondary education or job training for just about anything practically for free when you are poor, you never pay for doctors or your drugs. If your rent is too high you can get HUD to pay some of it for you. About the only thing you won't catch a break on is a car, of course you can always use slow/inconvenient public transportation to go and cash your welfare check.


What was up with last night's Star Trek: Enterprise episode?

The editing was terrible! There were jumps in the action in several places as if they "lost" some footage that connected various scenes and decided so quickly jump around so no one would notice the gaps.

Add this to the absolutely sloppy local affiliate that runs their commercials over the show by several seconds, and has this annoying "jump" when they switch from their local feed to the network. Goddamn this state is full of morons!

Comcast cable does the same thing, its terrible. I really miss COX cable back in AZ, it was soooo nice. The Digital Cable box was sooooo much better and - get this - they don't put fucking ADS in the on-screen menus like Comcast does! I pay for a premium service and I have fucking ADS on half the on-screen menu! GODDAMN I HATE THIS STATE (and COMCAST)!

What Biased Media?

In further proof that if it's not negative, it's not news, the BBC is getting ripped apart by another rag over positive coverage of Apple Computer, Inc.

You know, that little startup that has the #1 music player in the iPod, the #1 legal music download service (that turned a small profit last quarter) that just turned 1 year old yesterday, the company that inspired just about every modern desktop OS, the company that routinely recreates itself while on the verge of utter collapse defying all of the experts.

If it bleeds, it leads. And if it's positive it must somehow really be negative. No one has anything good to say about Apple or George W. Bush or the war on terror or America! No one! And don't you forget it!

BTW: the "positive" BBC article on Apple includes some errors. The iPod was Windows-compatible before iTunes and the Music Store were ported over, it was not a simultaneous event as implied in the article. The porting was not "forced" (a biased, antagonistic keyword) onto Apple either, it was an opportunity to widen their market and make more money, the music service earned a small profit last quarter. Plus Apple can control the user experience on Windows with its own iTunes software instead of relying on a third-party. Sometimes the bias is simple ignorance, and sometimes its just plain bias.


New iTunes Undocumented Features

If you open the About window in iTunes and press the Option key the credits scroll the other direction.

Uhm. That's about it.

I got nothing.



The IMAO Decoder app works best with Mac OS X 10.3, on anything earlier it looks kinda hokey with the fancy buttons I used. There is not something wrong with it, is my point.

It should work the same way on 10.2 or 10.3 basically.

I put a link to the download over on the right. Blah blah blah.


Not Quite A Geek

I have been rethinking my career path lately, partly because so far my chosen field of computer service technician has resulted in zero (actually negative income) so far. I think it's the area we are in (lots of computers, not many stores/service shops however). Heading further East or back West seems to be the only alternative at this point.

I have also been rethinking my status as "Geek" for some time. I have many of the qualities and yet don't have the requisite line items on my Geek resume.

I do have a soldering iron and have used it without destroying electronics as a result. I have taken several computers apart, changed them or attempted to fix them and put them back together to working condition again. I bought a multibutton mouse years ago and have custom set it to my tastes (no defaults for me!). I own, and know how to use, a multimeter.

I have several books on technology figureheads (okay just Steve Jobs, but one is an audiobook on my iPod). But I have never read a book by William Gibson (father of cyberpunk culture). I do have more than 4 technical/programming books covering at least one programming and scripting language. But I have never read Tolkein before.

I am terrible at video games despite owning dozens of them and many systems including the original Intellivision, Intellivision II, Atari 2600 module for same, original Nintendo, original Playstation and now XBOX. I was okay at Quake II (over a modem w/crappy video card), but I never finished Deus Ex. I have at least two video game consoles right now that are not labeled Nintendo, although my XBOX doesn't have a mod chip (yet).

I'm not sure what category I fit into. And it's really getting annoying that I can't seem to find my "thing" that everyone else seems to have, in some aspect of their normal lives. I am everything and nothing, jack of all trades and master of none.

What the hell am I supposed to do?