When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


iTunes Recommendation App is Crap

I tried out an iTunes song recommendation app and all I have to say is that this kind of service is total crap. Here are the results for me based on several hundred songs that were rated in my iTunes library:

I do not like any kind of music listed there. What planet is this service operating on? Bizzaro world? Sheesh.

Yeah I know my sampling may have been too small or whatever, but it looks like the system picked up on a few select songs that other people also had and then picked related songs off of that. I don't see any styles that I really would like. Moby? No body listens to Moby anymore and I never ever did to begin with. Cyndi Lauper, Seal, Madonna(!!) (listed on second page and more of results)? Goddamn I would NEVER deliberately own that shit.

Based on what was returned I can see that the service picked up a on a few techno-ish tracks, and little heavy metal and some weird combination of country/crossover artists. My musical tastes are somewhat ecclectic but I have very narrow defined preferences in specific genres such as the techno, heavy metal and even some pop-ish music. The service would have done better to merely list other artists based on the largest concentrations of genre's that I have.

What a bunch of crap.



Yeah I caved and got me a video game console aka "toy" as my wife called it. It is the X-Box. And yes I know they will probably come out with a newer, flashier model with more features than mine for the same price next year or so (or whenever).

So what? I heard the next one won't have a hard disk and may be powered by the same (or similar) processor in the G5 Macs from Apple (MS seeded very early technology previews based on Apple's G5 computer).

There are tons of mods to do to my new "toy" and I intend to take up a few of them. You just aren't L33T if your XBox doesn't have a mod chip of some sort.

Expect my post count and cash holdings to go down as I get absorbed in video game playing after a long hiatus. I had the original Intellivision console with speech synth module then the Intellivision 2 with the Atari 2600 adatptor and tons of games. My favorite game was B-17 Bomber w/Speech Synthesis. Ahh the long afternoons of "Bandit Six O-Clock!" and heavily pixelated maps of Germany slowly scrolling by the screen.

I did have an original Nintendo and a few games, then I got a Playstation several years back and never really got back into console gaming.

All that has just changed!


Pappa's Got a New Blog

I am now part of a group-blogging exercise. I am not going to say where it is, but it is linked off my site and our blogs share a common element.

Might as well, I seem to post comments on more blogs than my own these days (just today I did a little post-comment-hijacking).

I bet I get kicked off the group-blog rather quickly, the guy running it seems to be in a "shake things up" mood lately.

How about those 3 Million Lost Jobs?

So we "lost" 3 million jobs since 2001.


That's like 1% of the US population. Slightly more actually, since our population is not quite 300 million. Maybe Bush should say 99% of the population did not lose a job (nevermind that many of that number can't work, being children or really old people or lazy teens, 20-somethings who want to play X-Box all day and look at porn on the Internet in their parent's house on their parent's cable modem using their parent's computer).

Many jobs lost were due to call centers closing due to the Do Not Call list legislation that was created. Should we apologize and give them their jobs back?

If you really want to see how great it is to work in a telemarketing firm try these two movies (one is really good and one really sucks, but has Ben Affluent who decided he would finally vote, for Howard Dean - oops).

Boiler Room (bigger budget, several "names" including Ben Affleck). This is a gritty movie that has a very shitty ending. So shitty I didn't even notice that the movie had ended. I had to ask my wife what happened to the main character (not Ben Affleck) and I still don't know what happened.

If you like your movies Independent then check out:

The Prime Gig with Vince Vaughn (The Cell w/J-Lo). This is basically the movie they tried to make in Boiler Room, but failed miserably. I am serious, its like these are the same two movies only one was written intelligently with three-dimensional, mostly flawed, characters and a gritty feel while the other was cut out with a cookie-cutter shaped like a telemarketing-con-job movie.

Who else can turn a commentary on artificial job loss-crises into a comparitive movie review?

Boycott Daylight Savings Time!

I am thinking of boycotting Daylight Savings Time.

When my wife asks me what time it is I now give her the *correct* time.

I am considering changing all the clocks back an hour too.

This whole mess is completely worthless. I heard claims that you have more "daylight" time. Bullshit. The time is merely shifted a bit, no one actually added more hours of daylight (that would involve slowing down the rotation of the earth).

I used to leave for work at 5 am, which in and of itself is terrible. But once we got to this point it was daybreak around that time - then WHAM! Daylight savings time throws me back into the darkness making my former journey to a job I hated totally unbearable.

I am *not* a morning person. I don't give a flying fuck about politicians telling ME what it good and proper. Excuse me, I tell you ass-fucks what I want to do.

The natural order is for the day/night times to shift, to ebb and flow. Artificial changes screw with our internal biological clocks. Is it any wonder so many people feel so bad in the morning? Time changes, crazy schedules (who really needs to be at work by 6 am anyway?) and mind-numbing commutes in the DARK are a waste of my life.

FIGHT THE POWER! Boycott Daylight Savings Time!


Tell me again how Windows is better than my Mac?

Maybe its the Eurotrash, or more likely it's the Windoze box the clueless Brits who can't get music files onto their iPod.

I assume Windows because I can pop in a CD, click import, wait for it to finish (I wonder how many people assume the music files will *instantly* rip and *magically* fly onto the iPod within 2 nanoseconds) and then plug my iPod into the dock. The iPod mounts, iTunes changes gears and the new files are copied over very quickly. Of course I do it on a Mac which has built-in FireWire.

iTunes on Windows requires Win2K or XP, something most new PeeCees would have anyway. Unless of course the neophyte owner of the PC was "afraid" of XP and tried to put Win98 on it because that it was they "know" - which means they "know how to fix it when it craps out on them, or more likely know who to ask for help when it suddenly stops booting."

A process that is supposed to be seamless, is on a Mac. I have used iTunes on XP and it worked okay. Of course that was on a fresh-ish install of XP on new hardware. An older XP install totally choked while tryin to install iTunes.

So now a support business is popping up to get people's CDs onto an iPod. Damn, I should get me some of that business (being in the heart of Country Music after all).