When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Just a thought...

You know, atheism was a major element of Communism (actually Marxism). Atheism is also a bedrock tenement of modern Socialism/Liberalism. When you have no higher law or sense of morality it's a lot easier to do anything you want, provided you are not "hurting anyone" right?

And when you have no morals it's easy to shrug off Bill Clinton's ongoing sexual assault behavior, but at the same time call the spiritual/moral George W. Bush a "drunk" and "drug addict" because of things he did more than half his lifetime ago and since stopped completely.

So then it is easy to justify taking from those who have and giving it (without required effort or expenditure of resources) to those who have not. This is also a fundamental element of Communism, and today's Liberals i.e. endless unemployment benefits, affirmative action forcing potentially less-qualified minorities into jobs/schools at the expense of more-qualified not-as-minority groups such as asians or soon whites.

Moral absolutes of right and wrong just get in the way of "helping the people" after all. Helping them right into sub-servitude, they mean.


An Island of One

I think I am about the only person on the planet who thinks Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the biggest waste of computer special effects ever on a "Star Trek" franchise.

It was as if someone read about the formation of NATO after WWII and decided it would be great to model it in the Star Trek universe.

A space station? That is not even ours nor the native population that it orbited? And there is a stable worm hole? With transcendental-aliens living inside it? Who are worshipped by the heathens on the planet that was formerly occupied by the guys who made the space station? And the Starfleet guy who runs things isn't even a Captain and most of the senior staff are uninteresting hot-headed antagonistic aliens who are not even members of Starfleet? And the heathens worship this non-Captain guy as a prophet of the aliens living in the worm hole that NO ONE EVER noticed before now?

And I was supposed to like this crap?

The show creators tried to keep me in the mix by adding a spaceship, which was incredibly small (I guess they have Liberals in the future demanding the military downsize too). And then there was the whole Dominion war thing when everyone was on everyone's side and somehow it all focused around a wormhole to a quadrant of the galaxy that was already overrun by shape-shifting overlords with (surprise) genetically engineered soldiers hooked on drugs that had built in cloaking technology (which some no-doubt severely Liberal dumbass banned the Federation from developing).

Oh and they made their doctor genetically engineered to be better at... sports.

I feel Enterprise is headed the same direction, and that's really sad. Stargate SG-1 is far superior and should be a model for Sci-Fi shows (which must cater to a lower common denominator than books, which tend to be higher-brow or more obtuse in their social commentary). Farscape was just too damned weird for me to get into, and the muppets. I can do without Sci-Fi muppets.

Next topic!

This Blog Has Been Improved

I now have Trackbacks, not sure how they work.

Is there a switch() statement in JavaScript? It's incredibly useful, not sure if it's in there or not. AppleScript should have had one of these, too.

I got nothin'.


Questioning Star Trek

So in all of Star Trek history has no one has ever invented shielding that blocks or lessens particle weapon discharges? Or make personal shields for Security forces?

And what about grenades? We saw hints of this in Star Trek Enterprise with the MACOs, which are apparently Marines-of-the-future (referencing West Point).

I guess this is what happens when Liberal-minded writers who abhor the military in all aspects try to write militaristic themed scripts with absurd situations (all of Battle Star Galactica), total lack of standard tactics or weapons.

Would a future soldier only have one hand weapon, no back up weapon, no restraints and no body armor? Just having a species like the Kingons in your territory would necessitate serious weapons upgrades or superior genetically-engineered security forces or military units at the very least.

And they wonder why people aren't watching these shows anymore and 24 is hugely popular?


This Blog is Back To Normal

Okay, back to normal on my web server now (which is hosting many pieces of content on this blog).

Apparently there was a router failure and in a huge surprise to the web host the backup router didn't take over (was it not plugged in or something? ed).

Good to know that redundancy and backup plans are not in place for a service that supports businesses.

Has no one learned anything after the various blackouts, terrorist attacks and other natural disasters that have hit Internet companies in the past years?

I guess that is a rhetorical question, today.

Can you hear me now?

My official/business web site seems to be unreachable to me today at best, or at worst is severely FUBAR'd for everyone.

I have no clue what happened to it, nowhere to go to find a status update and no clue if it's my ISP or the server that has the problems. I can get to some internal stuff and see some activity, but I can't get regular pages to load on a variety of my domain names.

I can't even get the web host's web site, so maybe it's my ISP or a backbone problem somewhere.

Wouldn't be a monday without a total FUCKUP somewhere, eh?



I know it's hard to believe, but I just don't have anything to comment on right now.

Maybe later something will really piss me off and new content will appear for all 3 of you to read.