When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


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Good work, if you can get it

Guy Kawasaki is soliciting cover art for his latest book, The Art of the Start. A How-to for start-ups I guess.

He's pretty smart in his solicitation. He is basically having tons of people send him original works from which he chooses one. The winner is to be given with a digital camera (costing only a few hundred wholesale/promotional pricing I would guess). They also get some credits on a stock photo service called iStockPhoto, which is hosting the contest (and getting tons of exposure) and a pass to some media conference (claimed to be a $499 value, which in reality costs nothing since its promotional).

So something that would probably cost a few thousand bucks (I guess, I have never written any books) normally is being funded at a significant discount, possibly even entirely paid for by the host of the contest and not the publisher of the book or the author.

And note this line on the contest page: "The winning design will also be considered for publication as the cover for Guy's new book." So the winning design may not even be used on the book. How clever. Will they take back the prizes as well if the art isn't used?

I wonder if he made any kind of investment in iStockPhoto prior to this scheme?

It's apparent the book is mostly a marketing vehicle for his start-up VC company. I'm betting there are tons of footnotes or references to his company in the book.

Damn, must be nice.

Note that I am not ripping the guy for making money, merely that this is a thinly-veiled marketing ploy to get exposure for his new book which may also drive people to his start-up funding company. This guy used to be about promoting superior products to the masses, now he's all about making money by betting on and/or exploiting potentially superior products at the expense of the masses. VCs typically own significant stakes in the companies they help to get off the ground so he's not being all that benevolent in his work. This stranglehold on start-ups can kill off good ideas with bad/overzealous management or promotion of bad ideas over good ideas by clueless managers.

Frankly my view of capitalism/entrepreneurship is to let the market find and promote products without artificial support mechanisms i.e. gov't. price fixing, VCs dumping money into worthless ideas while worthy ideas languish unnoticed.

I have had tons of ideas that did not turn into successes despite how great I thought they were and how much effort I put into them. The market has spoken in these cases. It is frustrating seeing some software that puts an animated cat on your screen that meows once in a while become a raging success while your really useful software languishes. Lesson here: never underestimate the popularity of mindless, useless software in the eyes of the teeming masses.

Update: On the submission rules page there is an interesting tidbit. You must pay $1 using BitPass, a micropayment service, which according to the sponsors list is owned or managed in some capacity by... Guy Kawasaki (the addresses are the same). This guy is brilliant, geeze.


Sad, sad world

I watched that Average Joe show last night with my wife. Actually, it was on the TV next to my computer and I occasionally glanced at the TV and made various off-color comments.

This kind of show is very interesting. Basically some ordinary guy who has yet to learn how to shave has a large collection of desperate (for TV exposure) women competing for his affections.

It appears that not a single women is looking to make a "love connection" on this show, except for one young woman who was described as very "positive" by another contestant. If I used our pet-nickname for her I'd prolly be de-linked like another off-color blogger who was ran up the flagpole for pointing out how a segment of the US population is squandering its opportunities. (who is still on my blogroll).

This girl seems *really* in need of affirmation, I half expect her to either slit her wrists at some point or grab Average "Joe" Adam and scream "LOVE ME!"

I didn't feel bad for the 23 year old woman who had a 6 year old son. Yeah, we too did the math along with Average "Joe" Adam when she told him this salient little detail. Ouch!

Personally if I had a hot tub full of bikini hotties and a van full of "normal" women were coming to see me, I'd play stupid. I'm talking TOTAL IGNORANCE. I'd be like: "Bikini-clad women, where? What?"

Dude, you have no clue what you denied to all us (married) men who are living vicariously through reality TV shows.

That's all I gots to say about that.

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Some people want to blame George W. Bush equally for Sept. 11 with anyone else completely ignoring several facts:

1. Al Queda tried to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, right after Bill Clinton took office. He rounded up those who executed the attack and... put them on trial. They sat in jail with a willing accomplice in the far-left attorney who acted as a mule, ferrying orders out of jail for other cells to act on.

2. Al Queda also attacked our embassies in Africa, completely destroying two very large buildings. The USS Cole had a very large hole blown in it's side in a port in Yemen. Four attacks on our territories and yet Bill Clinton refused UBL when he was offered on a silver platter several different times. Instead of acting decisively with military force, the military was sent on humanitarian missions including a disastrous tour in the Somalia.

BTW UBL was apparently behind coordinated attacks against our forces in Somalia who were merely trying to feed the people in that country. Our hasty retreat, at the hands of UBL, gave Al Queda an impression that we would cut and run and at best file lawsuits against those who carried out the attack only as with the first WTC attack.

3. The contested election of 2000 put off the normal orderly transition of power from one outgoing administration to the incoming crowd. Plus the immature Lefties in the White House trashed offices, destroyed computer equipment and reprogrammed the phone system rerouting calls to unexpected offices. This also took time, and taxpayer money, to fix. Imagine if the attack, or any kind of major attack, happened during the transition. Chaos would have ensued.

Again the Clintons skated past it all with no worries, and a U-HAUL full of White House (and thus taxpayer) property including art, furniture and dinnerware. I guess you can take the white trash out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the white trash.

What if Bill Clinton had handed out a pay-per-pardon to someone who was involved with Sept. 11, even if only peripherally? Would anything happened to him?

With all of this behavior for nearly 8 years is it any wonder we were hit so hard on Sept. 11, 2001 — a mere 8 months after George W. Bush took office? Hell Bush's FBI head didn't even take office until a week or so before Sept. 11.

How in the world can you blame this more on Bush than Clinton? Bush's administration was hurriedly assembled after a drawn out and constested election, the White House was trashed on their entry and Clinton ignored Al Queda's threat for nearly 8 years (even he put more pressure on Saddam than Al Queda) emboldening the attackers and letting them operate in Afghanistan unhindered (while the Left-leaning media bemoaned the treatment of Women in that country).

You moderates and Lefties really make me sick. If there were a republican in the White House for 8 years and a Democrat took over in 2001 all we would hear is how the Republican president let us down. God you fucking all can go to hell.


French Military, another Oxymoron

Heh heh heh.

One French soldier shot another, while cleaning his rifle.

I guess they never really get to shoot their weapons and he wasn't aware that is was loaded (the normal use of throwing it on the ground as they surrender typically not resulting in a discharge of the weapon).

Heh heh heh.

What Me Worry? AL Queda doesn't even EXiST!

Ah hah, there is no Al Queda! It's all a fabrication of the Bush Administration to force the USA into a police state. If Bush loses the coming election a new terrorist "attack" will be staged and he will declare martial law and we will *really* be screwed!

Patriot Act II is just a diversion while the real efforts to take away our rights to burn down Hummer Dealerships and hurl newspaper dispensers through windows of small business owners during WTO protests!

It doesn't matter that Bill Clinton faced Al Queda in 1993 with the first WTC bombing, the two African Embassy bombings, the USS Cole bombing and maybe even Oklahoma City via Iraq. Osama Bin Laden is a CIA operative getting his orders from Karl Rove!

This is all a construct of the eeeevil Bush Administration to profit along with Haliburton! Gas prices are now hitting all-time highs in the last year of his term as Saudi Arabia cuts back production and Congress again refuses to open up domestic oil drilling resources or push forward alternate energy source like nuclear power that are already well-developed and more efficient than covering 1/3 of the country in giant windmills - see what we mean! It's all about the oiiilllllllll!