When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


What Terrorist Threat?

Remember when John F'n Kerry said Bush was exaggerating the threat of terrorism?

Tell that to the families of the 190 people who were blown apart today. Some exaggeration.

AP Photo

Color me surprised

So a former aide/press person spied for Iraq before and after the Iraq liberation, accepting $10k for her troubles.

Is anyone surprised that she worked for the media and Democrat senator Moseley-Braun (who blames everything that happens to her on the Jooooooooooos!)?

Moseley-Braun isn't labeled as a Democrat, but a current member of Congress who this traitor also worked for is listed as such via the "D" designation only. Interesting.

If this were a Republican aide they would have labeled her as a "former Republican aide" and use the word Republican as many times as was possible. The story linked above does not contain the word "Democrat" at all despite this fucking bitch working for two different Democrat members of Congress.

Yeah, what media bias?


You Been Fuk'd!

Go here, now.

courtesy of my first wife, I don't know where she gets this shit

Time Off Again - Conspiracy

I am going to take off time to study (doing that right now) and to get ready to take an important test tomorrow and get ready to get a "Professional" job for the first time in my LIFE (I am now 30 years old).

Frankly I can't wait. I am so sick of working blue collar factory/warehouse jobs. My pay rate has remained embarrassingly steady the past 7 years or so (actually it went down last year).

I intend to fix that and do the work I would actually enjoy doing, fixing computers. The hand holding of users I could do without.

I guess I can say that the job I may "walk into" is at a college which is "desperate" for someone with my skill-set. Helping know-nothing college kids print the term papers they downloaded off the Internet all day. Oh joy. Gotta start somewhere I guess.

We shall see what happens next. TTYL.


One more

One more test Thursday and I will be a "Professional." I already have a potential job interview for next week sometime, pending my passing this second certification test.

There is actually a lower passing grade on the software test than the hardware (which I just barely missed getting an easy A on). I never said I was perfect, but I did ace the critical portions. Plus I have past electronics experience and know how to handle ICs and PCBs and can use a multi-meter properly. CRTs are still scary, as they should be.

I am going to most likely get me a toolkit specific to working on computers plus a CRT discharge tool (aligator clips on a screwdriver doesn't appeal to me). At that point I will have spent over $1,000 on this process. I wonder if I can deduct any of it (I kept my receipts)?

I am dead-tired, screw all this blogging stuff. Blah.

Kerry As President...

Kerry vowed to "roll back" Bush's disastrous foreign policy decisions made during his term. If elected President John F'n Kerry would reinstate Saddam Hussein as duly elected president of Iraq after tearing up the recently signed constitution guaranteeing all Iraqis, including women and religious or ethnic minorities, equal status under the law, reanimate his two sons killed in a gunfight with American military forces, reconstitute the Taliban in Afghanistan and force Afghani women to again wear traditional full-body coverings.

Kerry would then subjugate all American self defense to the United Nations after paying billions of dollars in tribute to the French, German and Russian governments. Kerry insists he will normalize relations with European countries that soured after the US and over 60 other countries unilaterally invaded two sovereign nations and removed their legitimate governments that posed no direct eminent threat to the United States or its allies now or the future no matter what kind of nuclear or biological weapons programs they were developing or had at any time in the past.

Kerry also would push for fully normalized relations with Iran, North Korea and Cuba including free and open trade and a technological exchange between the countries to bring their transportation, space, medical and information technology infrastructure up to modern standards. United States healthcare and education systems will adopt the same standards used in Cuba and North Korea as they are far superior to our own, which were severely underfunded by the Bush administration despite the largest budgetary increases ever and the largest entitlement program that increased the budget deficit by an order of magnitude over the next 10 years.

Finally Kerry would march all former members of the Bush administration out of Washington D.C. and send them to Guantanamo Bay without a trial. This would come after first releasing all prisoners currently held without the protections of the United States constitution such as access to US Lawyers and trials in US courts. The fact that they are not citizens of the United States and were captured on the battlefield on foreign soil fighting US forces in the wake of the much deserved attacks of September 11, 2001 in which only 3,000 people were killed by Al Queada freedom-fighters having no bearing on their basic rights under the United State's constitution.

Don't Liberals *like* Paying Taxes?

I thought Lefties enjoyed paying their taxes, or fees levied by foreigners.

So why isn't Apple Computer, maker of the most popular MP3 players right now, paying a tax on them in France?

I thought Lefties wanted to may more in taxes? That is all John F'ing Kerry keeps telling his writhing masses of MoveOn.org fan-boys; he will roll back i.e. raise taxes on everyone that George W. Bush maliciously lowered (the BASTARD)!

Paying taxes is the American way! Err, except for the fact that we broke off from England because they decided to impose taxes on our exports and imports without representation. Boston Tea Party anyone? Isn't that were Kerry lives? He must think it was some kind of hoity-toity social event, being married to the widow of the Heinz family and all.

I seem to recall also that most times taxes are to be raised or applied to various Liberal enclaves they immediately and overwhelmingly reject the taxes. Maybe Lefties just want to impose taxes on everyone else?

Incidentally taxes are largely on income, not wealth. This is why rich Senators from Massachusetts don't mind raising them — they are already wealthy and any income they make is easily loopholed in the tax code. Isn't hypocrisy great? I'm already rich, but you teeming masses will never be so we will just tax you to pay for all your social programs we use to keep you where you are! Muahahahahahahaha!


Conspiracy Redux

Okay I trashed a post that followed up on my conspiracy post below. Why? Because it's my blog and frankly I FUBAR'd on the subject of the second post a tad that wound up obfuscating my intended satire.

I was not feeling well (high blood pressure effects) and decided to just dump the post instead of contradict myself when trying to make my point.

To make up for it here is a conspiracy-like image that may prove the existence of time-travel technology made by Apple Computer:

By the way that's an eMac in a photo from Austria in the 60's.


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