When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


This Just In...

Everyone else reposts content from other blogs to make their points for them when they are not on vacation every other week. I can be lazy too.

From today's The Bleat:

A few days before the Minnesota caucuses a flier was stuck in my door. It was from “Peace in the Precincts,” an organization that wanted five planks inserted into the laundry list of caucus resolutions. Number four caught my eye:

Be it resolved, that the US should renounce the doctrine of preemptive war and promote the rebuilding of the international community through the United Nations to track down and incapacitate international, terrorist organizations, and to intervene to stop genocides, tyrannical regimes, and international armed conflicts through diplomacy, the promotion of democracy, focused and forceful nonviolent intervention, and peaceful conflict resolution.

Okay. A simple quiz.

1. We should promote the rebuilding of the international community through the UN to stop tyrannical regimes through forceful nonviolent intervention.


2 "You’re either with us, or with the terrorists."

Imagine a bomb just went off in your local mall. Choose one.


Update: Isn't forceful nonviolent intervention an oxymoron [Ed. Yes!]?


After selling out, now Blogrolling is hanging while loading this blog.

I hope they gave you a LOT of money, dude. If I created something as popular as that, I don't think I could just walk away and watch it get torn apart and redone in someone else's image.

Whatever. I only wish I had something that big I could sell off and sit pretty for the rest of the year (assuming he actually negotiated a decent deal, who knows he may have taken their first low-ball offer).

It's a Small World Afterall

If the new Chairman of Walt Disney Co. were a Conservative/Republican, instead of the extreme-left politico installed now there would be endless cries in the media about how awful this will be.

Instead in the media (partly owned by Dinsey) we hear:

<crickets chirping>

Extreme Lefty runs a massive corporation that probably pays very little in taxes compared to "normal" people and has a significantly large control over various influential industries (broadcast, cable, radio, movies, videos) and in the media we here the following criticism regarding the ideology of the guy running it all:

<crickets chirping>

Pretty much the only company capable of rebuilding oil industry infrastructure, with previous experience, gets a contract to rebuild Iraq's oil fields that Saddam blew up *twice* just happens to be the *former* company of a Vice President and we hear:


And that's just the CNN/New York Times editorial stafff.


Call me Neo

LEGO Rocks!

Yeah baby. Get your own.

You Want Conspiracy?

Okay, John F'ing Kerry is married to the widow of the Heinz family's former leader, John Heinz (liberal Republican Senator from Pennsylvania) who died in 1991 after his plane collided with a helicopter over a schoolyard also killing two children.

John Heinz' death occurred just two weeks after he stood up and read aloud two letters sent by John F'ing Kerry regarding Kerry's double-position on the first Persian Gulf War that were accidentally sent to the same man.

And just four years later John F'ing Kerry married the widow Teresa Heinz, who has since become (or revealed herself to be) a raving liberal giving money to extreme left-wing causes.

How does it reconcile with the rantings of an extreme lefty (in academia no less) regarding other politicos who also met their maker in light aircraft?

Funny how this guy never mentions all of the other "famous" people killed in small/light aircraft over the years. I guess the Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens, Patsy Cline, Lynrd Skynrd, Stevie Ray Vaughn and top golfer Payne Stewart worked for or somehow opposed George H. Bush, John Ashcroft, Donald Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush as well?

Do you really think if George W. Bush wanted someone eliminated, one or both of the Clintons would not be here screeching about everything right now? Or Tom Daschle or Al Franken? Or Michael Moore?

I also seem to remember John Ashcroft stopping the execution of Timothy McVeigh less than a week before it was to happen because boxes of evidence were unearthed, evidence either buried or "lost" by the Clinton administration's FBI. Robert Muller did not take over the FBI until literally two weeks or so before Sept. 11, 2001. He found that the most technologically-savvy administration had let the FBI languish with severely outdated computer systems, systems that had to be totally replaced to allow for inter-agency communication mandated *after* Sept. 11, 2001.

Funny how the only conspiracies that anyone is interested in happens when there is an R next to the name of the elected official. Bill Clinton can burn down a bunch of extreme-relgious people including small children, rip a small boy from his relatives arms and send him back to a Communist "paradise" 90 miles south of the USA where no one is allowed to leave and tell a bold faced lie, about SEX of all things to the American people and no one bats an eye.

Fuck the Left. I am so sick of all this crap. BTW it was Al Gore's wife who tried to censor all music and got those "PARENTAL ADVISORY" labels all over your CDs. Yes, that Al Gore.


What's the Frequency Kenneth?

What is the standard way of handling a referrer in a web browser when you cold-call a web site? Is it omitted? Is it empty? Is it supposed to return "NO REFERRER"?

I get all this "hits" and no referrer, nothing. WTF? I saw this happen on Windoze after a "security" patch was released to fill that big URL-masking 'sploit. Now I get it on Safari a LOT. I seem to recall IE used "BOOKMARKS" or some shit long ago when using local-bookmarked opening of a page.

Referrers are a critical tool for people running web sites and blogs. Why is it getting HARDER to get referrers, damnit?!

Maybe SiteMeter just sucks donkey balls. My new web host's stats are even worse — I cant tell SHIT from SHINOLA in that crap. I miss running my own server on my own computer.

I fucking hate technology, which is why I am going to be gainfully employed FIXING technology in a few weeks. At least you can hit a computer and it won't tattle on you like kids will. Damn kids.

Book of Crazy Word-Puzzles, Formerly known as the Bible

I hate people. I do, I hate all people. All of you. You all smell funny, and you are too loud. Like trains, trains are very loud and smell bad. I was putting gas in my eeeevil SUV when a train went by, about 40 feet away, and it blew its horn and I nearly fainted it was so loud. I have the beginning of nerve-deafness, mostly ringing and some garbled speech every now and then (thanks Dad!) and I still nearly blacked out it was such a loud noise. And there are people on the trains so I hate them doubly-so.

I heard tonight that the crazy-wacky Mayor of some shitsplat town in New York is marrying people, any people, because its the moral thing to do. Funny, I would think not killing unborn people would actually be the moral thing to do and two people who want to be married simply to get better insurance benefits is morally wrong, but it turns out I am wrong. Somewhere in the Constitution women have the right to have an abortion on demand. Only women. I demand Men get the right to demand Women have an abortion then. Soon some geek somewhere will want to marry his robot, his girl robot, because its the moral thing to do.

See? I hate people, because they always contradict themselves. Especially Liberals. I don't know how they keep their heads on they are always flip-flopping around; its okay to have wild-crazy sex anywhere, but if you get pregnant the responsible thing to do is kill it, and don't teach kids to not have sex or use birth control, but don't tell parents they are going to have an abortion, because parents must be their kid's friends, so the kids can live at home forever as soon as they get a free unlimited education and have access to any kind of job they may want for insanely high pay.

I have to give up on this planet, its all fucked up. Let's start over, okay?

Halfway there

Passed one half of my Apple Desktop Service certification exams. Got the equivalent of a "B" on it, blah.

Some of the test questions were about very specific configurations of older hardware, and somewhat ambiguous in the available choices. The others involved diagnostic software which is really confusing and again I think the available answers were somewhat ambiguous or misleading IMHO.

Oh well, I passed all CRT-related questions certifying that I won't kill myself when working on one. Time to start looking for a job, and get the second test paid for and scheduled.


Who's Oscar?

I totally forgot about that Oscars thing last night, until like 11:30 PM when I noticed some banner text on FOXNews.com that mentioned it.

All I can say, does Peter Jackson ever comb/style his fucking hair? He always looks like he just rolled off his couch sometime after Noon. The only thing worse looking is Michael Moore, and that's a hard act to almost beat.

At least another African-American woman won an Oscar following Halle "Hit and Run" Berry. You don't know who I am talking about? Oh, it's Charlize Theron who is from South Africa. Put that in your bong and smoke it, damn hippies.

Sean Penn won for being a neurotic/wacky irishmen, quite a stretch for his acting abilities. I wonder how many people expect him to get up there and say "Aloha Mr. Hand!"?

I honestly don' know who else won. My girl Scarlett Johannsen (Ghost World, two new movies that I can't remember) got a British Oscar-compatible award for "Lost in Translation" which I have never seen, and may just have to now. Snubbed in the states by the stuffy walking corpses of the Academy. I wonder how many actually watch the movies at all, before selling their private screening copies to Asian movie pirates.

Did either Matrix movie get anything at all? Most far-left Liberal Theme Oscar? Worst Ending Ever Oscar for Revolutions? Watching the last two Matrix movies gave me a feeling that the creators thought they could stretch out their winning streak with some half-assed way-far-left philosophy and comparative religion college coursework. I'm surprised they didn't show a big hydroponics cave with pot plants to make "hemp" for their raggedy clothing and shit. They could even have put in dialog talking about all the product "hemp" can produce.

I'm just waiting for Spider-Man 2 and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Last year's movies are old news. Blah.


I am my own country

I have found that NationStates thing, whatever.

Welcome to the Incorporated States of Austro-Asia. A consolodation of various elements of Australia and Pacific islands formerly under Asian Confederacy rule. Sounds kinda like something off of Seaquest DSV or some shit, huh?

The fist/star image was listed from some Anarchy web site, I wonder if they are really protective of their copyrights? Wouldn't that be ironic, assholes.

It's my blog, I will post if I want to

I just saw some photos of Star Wars Episode III (sixth movie, don't ask) of Anakin and all I can say is: You been Punk'd!

WTF? Who is doing hair on this joint, Ashton Kutcher?

And frankly the dialog is incredibly cheesy, get over it. It was cheesy nearly 30 years ago and adding Jar-Jar Ebonics didn't ruin anything, it was already bad.

All I want to know is will they show Anakin become Darth Vader, the guy in the black suit and the asthma? Maybe they will do something like the beginning of The Six Million Dollar Man where they show him being "put together" and then maybe Darth Vader will step out and be all deep-breathy and such. That would be pretty cool.

Okay, in Episode 1 (fourth movie, don't ask) I just saw the ET representatives. If you have the DVD go to the part where the "Queen" calls for a vote of no confidence in that first Chancellor guy, and then look at the bottom left corner of the screen. In the round pod thing on the bottom of the screen you will see a bunch of ETs waving their arms. Goddamn crazy movie people.

Humorless Heathens

Yes I know it's Lorem Ipsum not Ipsit. FYI the sarcasm I exude extends to the titles of posts as well as the body of my posts.

Why not make fun of latin, using a misquote of an infamous pseudo-latin (for people in the Appalachians using the Inter-web that would be not-really-latin) phrase?

Latin = hard to learn (and pointless today, unless you plan to recite law-yer stuff and sound snooty doing it). Ergo, pseudo-latin misquoted...

I give up...

Lorem Ipsit

There's a reason aramaic and latin are dead languages; because they are HARD TO LEARN. I am just sick of people throwing out latin phrases to show their intellectual superiority and time served in higher education. Yeah, but can you fuckheads set your VCR or burn a CD or get your electro-mail off the Inter-web without asking someone under the age of 30?

Guess who they will call when their printer doesn't work anymore! Me! Hah! You are the reason I will be gainfully employed very shortly.

I cleaned my desk. Took a photo. Don't know why. Brain overload from snooty latin users and studying for a (very expensive) test on tuesday. Trying to use highlighter on everything. Bad study habits strike back, BLAST! If I had only taken Study Habits 102 along with Advanced Highlighting 203 at a community college I could snootily highlight the newspaper and grocery store receipts!


Weep before the awesome output of our digit-all camera. See, you *can* get the images out of it!

Captain's Log, supplemental

Sensors still cannot locate a passage to Demo-crat 4 in the Primary system, we shall continue searching. I suspect we traveled off course once our systems were irreparably damaged after a brief exposure to the strange force known only as Yeeaarrrrrgh. Our situation was made worse by the medion storm that soon followed.

I fear that the level of morons is rising outside the ship while the peon count continues to fall inside.

Personal note: These new uniforms obviate the need for me to roll up my sleeves while talking to another species and appear to be more in-touch with the lowly creatures.

From this Caption Contest.