When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



In case you don't "get" the Snow day and Cold War linkup in the post below: Red Dawn took place mostly in late fall/winter and nuclear fallout and the resulting climate change is called "Nuclear Winter." The Cold war theme? Get it?

I give up.

All you care about is Commander Adama's call sign, which is "Husker." There — now get off my blog!

What is with this call sign stuff? Is there a trivia contest somewhere? WTF?


Self-Serve Now Open

I am really gone for a while this time; Spouse-unit is having surgery tomorrow and will be in the hospital 'til Monday and on Tuesday I have to take the first of several (really expensive) tests to see if I can get at least a C-average and call myself am Apple Certified Technician. Just as soon as I take a second (really expensive) test that should actually be easier, that is.

I am focusing on hardware. I have always liked electronics and such, software and people who can't use software kinda pisses me off. Also I already have my default response to pleas for help: "Sounds like a software problem, I don't support that."

Hey, unless you can't turn it on or there is smoke coming out of the funny picture-box on your desk call the Help Desk Mr. MBA. Heh.

And in cased you missed it; Commander Adama's call sign on the new Battlestar Galactica was "Husker."

Snow Day

Since it Snowed somewhere in the world the county has closed its schools today and I am stuck at home with everybody.

So I am sitting in front of the computer ignoring them all, this is MY snow day too.

In honor of snow day: Think of a anti-war/nuclear proliferation slogan from the 80's. If you are too young to remember, well sit down and let the grownups handle this, skippy. Play your XBox or watch music videos, m'kay?

I remember this one really strongly for some reason: "You can't hug your child with NUCLEAR ARMS"

They managed to link The Children to nuclear weapons development and deployment during the Cold War very succinctly.

Here's Another. Best Cold War paranoia movie: Red Dawn

This one wasn't the typical Nuclear War Destroys the Earth. This was even worse, invasion and occupation, by Mexicans! The premise was kinda flimsy as the areas invaded were staunchly pro-2nd Amendment and I doubt they'd just flee or get locked up in concentration camps like that. Plus the ineffectual nature of *all* military bases, at the height of the cold war, located in the Eastern part of the country was absurd as well.

Still it was a damn scary thought. Many times I looked out the window at school waiting to see parachutes dropping down from the sky after seeing that movie.

I guess the sad part is that after Sept. 11, 2001 it was the sight and sound of aircraft that made (some of) us twitchy as we look up to the sky.

Enjoy your snow day.


Damnit, Commander Adama's Call Sign is..

I get a lot of Google hits for the call sign of Commander Adama on the Ron Moore remake of Battlestar Galactica.

His call sign was "Husker."

There. Happy? No leave me alone you goddamn fan-boys. Get out of your parent's house already and DO SOMETHING ELSE, geeze.


Vote For Nader = You are Retarded

This article is all you need to read about Ralph Nader and why a vote for him is not only a vote for Bush, but also a validation that you are fucking loon. And what's with his droopy (left?) eye? Talk to John F'ing Kerry about his Botox, that he didn't get, after his service in Vietnam. Geeze.

I am glad we have this open voting system, it collects all the retarded people who shouldn't be voting and keeps them away from the grownup candidates who realize how the world works (even if they claim otherwise, *cough* Kerry/Dean/Clark limp-wristed views on National Security *cough*).