When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Gotta Love Liberals (Not!)

Some woman on TechTV's Call for Help this morning (right as I type this) is on the phone whining about how tech support jobs are being outsourced to India.

This lovely "senior citizen" Liberal (she lives in Oregon, odds are pretty good she's a liberal), who are first to trumpet the diversity mantra and how we must put every culture up on a pedastal, is totally dogging the hardworking Indians trying to dig themselves out of their squalid society. This woman actually said she wants to give jobs to Americans who are "more desperate for jobs" than people living in third-world conditions. She caught herself when she said "more desperate" and changed it to "desperate" only, but she did say it so don't flame me.

Yes friends, Americans (the most prosperous country on earth) are more desperate for jobs than people who have to drive filth-clogged streets, swerving around beggars and street children, to earn $5 for a 12-hour shift in a building that has its own generator because the power grid is unreliable.

She then states that she doesn't want to pay more for a dialup ISP! She is currently using a Walmart-branded dialup ISP because it's cheapest (because it is outsourcing tech support to India, which is wrong, but to do otherwise would raise her costs so it's bad...).

Ah, the sweet hypocrisy of Liberals! Other cultures are as valid and deserving as ours, unless they are doing shit jobs that most people don't want to do here or cost too much to do here (paying someone $10-15/hour or more for telling people to reboot Windows all day?). She demands her cheap ISP? Fine, live with the consequences of your capitalist beliefs and shut the fuck up.


Time Out

I am now officially studying for my computer technical certification so I will prolly be less blogger and more bleary-eyed, head throbbing student trying to remember the procedure for removing a DVD drive without breaking the computer or determining the proper course of action when you get a 2GMC/a/b/xxx error code in a diagnostic program.


Let's Annex Canada

Frankly, Canada is worthless. There is hardly anyone up there! And what little population there is, is concentrated along our border already. Their culture meshes much better with Europe's instead of ours (despite their intense desire to have everything we have except for lower taxes and uncensored TV).

So why not just declare one day that Canada is now part of the US and all Canadian citizens have 60 days to either take an oath the USA or go to Europe. I hear Europe is running low on Anglo's what with the birth-rate dropping below even sustainability levels and the Muslim/Arab population exploding (hey we have been dealing with that from Mexico for decades, welcome to the club).

What would anyone be able to do? Canada has virtually no military, and what little they have is under trained and has outdated/flimsy equipment. If it weren't for us and our War on Terror they'd never get to deploy anywhere. The UN? Puh-lease, they are too busy burning records from the Iraq Oil-for-Bribes err Food program to intervene. And even if they did, they could only send in a few hundred "Blue Helments" to verify that the Canadians are allowed to leave the country in an orderly fashion. We own the world right now.

Heck, we might as well kick the UN out of OUR country while we are at it. They keep bitching about how their headquarters is falling apart — I think we can expedite the process with some help from the local demolition union. Maybe like the Mayor of Chicago bulldozed an airport in the middle of the night to grab the land for whatever reason, what happened to him? NOTHING! (Of course if he were a Republican all hell would have broken out).

What do you say? ANNEX CANADA TODAY!


What Kind of Family Are You?

Had this discussion last night with my wife: What kind of family are you?

Ketchup: Heinz, Hunts or Whatever' Cheapest

We are a Heinz family.

Bread: White, Wheat, or Whatever' Cheapest

Wheat for dad only, everyone else is white (traitors).

Soft Drink: Pepsi, Coke, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper/Mr. PIBB, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Whatever' Cheapest/Store Brand or You are a Mormon family

Dad is Pepsi, Mom is Coke, kids are Sprite or Dr. Pepper/Mr. PIBB.

Meat: Chicken, Pork, Beef, Fish, Vegetarian, Vegan or Whatever' Cheapest

Either Chicken or Pork for all. I eat a nice steak once a month or so only. Fuck vegetarianism or vegans (ever notice how painfully thin they are?)!

Toilet Paper/Paper Towel dispensing: Overhand or underhand off the roll

We are an overhand off the roll family.

Jeans: Levis or Wrangers

We are a Levis family or whatever fad-brand is targeting young girls (Hillary Duff replacing Mary-Kate and Ashely).

Weekends: Stay at home on the weekend with the kids or drop the kids off somewhere and hit the bars/clubs/movies/mall/whatever' open without kids

Stay at home with the kids and rent movies or watch TV shows or surf the internet. We never ditch the kids and spend the evening pretending we are non-parents again.


4 More Bush

I figured that title would get your attention, suckers! Everyone make fun of the people who came here from this post's title!

Okay enough pointing.

I know I said I would migrate off blogger/blogspot BACK to an MT blog (if that didn't make sense you are WAY behind the tech-curve, geeze) and I WILL! As soon as I get this stupid chest-cold out of me. Ugh. I feel terrible. Really. And setting up MT on a virgin server isn't much fun when I have trouble seein my screen clearly. I really don't want to see those messages about yet another dependency is missing because PERL can't find libpoonjab.a or some shit. I hate UNIX. Why can't it just WORK?!

I will get to it when I freakin' GET TO IT. GET OFF MY BACK!

That is all. Go back to your porn now.


My Eeeeevil SUV now with 20% More Eeeeevil

BTW the seats in my SUV (below) are LEATHER! And it gets SHITTY GAS MILEAGE! Actually it does pretty good, but with a large-ish gas tank it cost $20 to fill up last week, and it wasn't on Empty. That's $20 worth of gas that could go towards about ten fillups on that new Micromachine called the Chevy Aveo.

Actually my SUV doesn't run on gas, it runs on ground up cute-and-fuzzy bunnies. Or kittens, whichever I happen to have onhand at the time. But with Howard "Mean" Dean no longer strangling kitties I may just keep with the cute-and-fuzzy bunnies.

My Eeeeevil SUV

Proof that I have an SUV right here — or if you are Liberal, merely an assertion that this is 1) an SUV and 2) was my SUV on the date 2004-02-15 which could only be confirmed with a pristine full-color copy of the title and even then only with a sworn affidavit that has been notarized by Jesus himself. Or if you are an atheist then Al Franken or Michael Moore, whichever can take time off from (body) slamming people with opposing viewpoints.

The white streaks in the bottom portion of the photo is snow, which is valiantly trying to accumulate — much like the media trying to bury John F'ng Kerry's infidelities or pump up the Bush AWOL meme.