When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Okay who broke the Inter-web?

The Internet is not letting me get to various web sites sporadically today, wtf?

Cry me a river

To all the people whining that they didn't win any iTunes songs on Pepsi yet: Too bad. Keep trying or shut the fuck up about how "unfair" it is. Geeze.

To all the people whining about how much money you have to spend to get your "free" song: Don't buy Pepsi then and save your money to spend on the iTunes Music Store directly. Or just piss off and go back to stealing music off Kazaa that is encoded at 96kbps from some Euro's LP in all its pop and hiss glory.

Score, Bitch!

Got my 5th Pepsi/iTunes code today. I bought two 20 oz. Pepsis yesterday and they were both winners.

Yay for free songs!

Pop Goes a Weasel

One down, many more to go.

Life Lessons

Ever notice that static on a TV isn't static but is actually a constantly shifting pattern of light/dark dots?

Ever notice that when you are in a hurry the traffic around you isn't? And when you are not, you get every green light and can make left-hand turns across the opposite lane at any time you want?

Ever notice that when you need a pen you never have one, there isn't one in the glove box, center console, under the seat? And when you don't need a pen you have at least 3 of them sitting within arm's reach and they actually get in your way (falling into the keyboard, off the desk onto the floor, in the cup holder)?

Ever notice that grace periods for making a payment or taking back a rented movie never apply to you when you actually need them? And no one ever gives credit pay paying/returning anything early yet they charge through the nose for late payments? Wouldn't a credit-for-early system eventually balance itself out with pay-more-for-late if implemented?

Ever notice that the web site you absolutely must connect to via the Internet never loads yet everything else works (including pop-up ads or SPAM mailings)?

Ever notice that every gas station has low low prices when your tank is full, and are insanely high right when you really need to fill up? And after you fill up you find an incredibly good price right down the road?

Don't you just hate that!



I can't even look at the dried up old prune lesbians that got "married" in San "Smells like Pee" Francisco*.

This cheapens my own marriage, I am very disappointed that this country is devolving into, well, Europe. What's next? Full frontal nudity on TV, and that's just the kids shows!

*sideshow bob murmur*

* I have been to San Francisco, and it does in fact smell like pee, everywhere I went, outdoors.

What Terrorist Threat?

Yeah man, like there's no terrorist threat anywhere near what that jingoistic Hitler-like Vietnam war-dodging dictator George W. Bush has been saying, VOTE FOR DEAN - TAKE AMERICA BACK!


Where in the world?

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

Haven't really traveled the "world" yet so I won't do one of those yet. Unfortunately I am not going to Japan this year. Other familial responsibilities trumped my dream-vacation this year. Maybe next year.

I'm Goin to Hell, or maybe Phoenix in the Summer

So some French (yeah, I know) woman married a dead man. Only in Europe (I hope).

I am not sure which is worse, wanting to marry a dead man or the fact that there is an actual law for such a situation in France.

He was a cop though, she prolly just wanted to get his death benefits is all. Which is still wrong, geeze get a job and marry a Muslim man. I hear they really like their women, so much so that they refuse to let them leave the house alone. And they make them wear fashionable head scarves too! All the rage in Western Europe!

This Blog is Moving

Yay I got a web server (temporary name until the domain transfers) again!

If you need a new web host go to DreamHost.com and use me as a referrer as exittoshell.com.

I got a MONSTER-sized web hosting plan with 300 email accounts — THREE-HUNDRED! Shit! And a Jabber server thing, whatever. 1.6 GB storage — GIGABYTE! Damn!

So I am goin to get MT set up on there and get a sub-domain, probably challenging.exittoshell.com, after the domain name transfers and I start to run my own blog, again. What you thought I started on Blogger? Shit, this is a refuge camp for me. I was all set up on MT last year before I lost my job, before I almost got divorced and before I moved cross-country, again.

Anyway. When the domain works this will be only a Google-cache memory.



Okay that is horribly non-grammatical and all, but then why bother dealing with what is true and correct when you have the Liberal media (in the form of the Associated Press) with gems like this:

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The White House, facing election-year questions about President Bush's military service, is releasing pay records and other information intended to support his assertion that he fulfilled his duty as a member of the Air National Guard (search) during the Vietnam war.

Emphasis added.

This issue has been simmering since Bush began running for public office and has never stopped, so the AP's asserion that this is only an election-year issue is fatuous (yes I know that word, assholes).

The facts are that Bush joined a National Guard fighter wing that was deployed in the Vietnam war at the time he joined. Bush was honorably discharged after completing his service which was modestly interrupted by his public office aspirations. At that time if he had not completed his time in the National Guard the records would be immediately available to prove this point, unlike more than 30 years later in an ongoing smear-campaign against Bush running for public office.

The divisive claims are actually made by the party who repeatedly claims to be not dividing this country, while talking about "taking back" the country from "Rush Limbaugh" and "George W. Bush" or how there are "two countries", one for "working families" and one for elitists like John F'ing (married two old-money women and dated a third) Kerry and John (Trial Lawyer) Edwards, I guess.

Since when is an honorably discharged National Guardsman, who was training to be a fighter pilot, who joined a fighter wing that had just deployed to Vietnam, and happens to be the sitting President of the United States of America not stating a fact about his record?

Definition of assertion apparently used by the AP:


n 1: a declaration that is made as if no supporting evidence were necessary

BTW why is no media outlet or Lib saying anything about John F'ing Kerry being a member of Skull and Bones, just like George W. Bush? (each word is a link) Kerry is only mentioned on the wacko web sites, not the old-media (which largely ignores the wee-bloggers and tin-foil-hat crowd on geocities web sites with pictures of lizard men coming out of the arctic hole in the earth).

I retort, You decide.

I rule!

Number 2 link for budweiser spot horse fart on Google.

I rule!


I did it.

I finally got on the wagon and sent of for my self-study prep kit for becoming a certified computer repair technician for Apple Computer, Inc.

A small step, but not an insignificant one. Hopefully in the coming months I will open some new doors in the job market that I have bee knocking on without success. No more "pro-amateur" status for me, I will become an actual certified "professional" with a piece of paper to prove it.

Now if I can just skate through this time somehow things should finally get better for us.


More Free iTunes, Bitch

Neener Neener, sup blind people!

Now I am up to 3 free songs on the iTunes Music Store. Again all from Diet Pepsi, wtf? Where is the regular or vanilla Pepsi (which I like) iTunes promo bottles? I hate this state.