When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Yay for me!

Free iTunes song!Dovetailing with the post below:

I got me a free song from a Diet Pepsi (there are no regular Pepsi bottles w/iTunes caps yet). It took four bottles to get one, slightly higher than the 1 in 3 chances Pepsi claims. So doing something I would do anyways has a dividend in a free song for ME! Or my wife, if she finds one and doesn't tell me.

What Happened to Society?

This kind of reactionary commentary really pisses me off.

Who are you to demand the world conform to your ideology regarding copyright issues and music (movies, books, video games, computer software)?

You dislike the price of music, I have no argument there. Music CDs prices are insanely high vs. other produced content. A movie ticket cost $5-10 dollars or a DVD costs $8-20 for a production that cost many tens of millions of dollars to make. A music album costs a small faction of the cost of a movie to produce and yet the music CD costs are $15 or more to start with (despite being able to listen to the songs for free over broadcast radio). That is out of whack.

But it does not justify outright theft of the content.

You cannot sneer at the cost of lobster, run into a store that sells lobster, pop the flimsy lock off the lobster tank and jam your hand inside and grab a lobster and run out of the store and not be stealing the lobster. Ethics does not justify your actions because you are not an injured party in this situation. You do not have a right to steal the lobster. It doesn't matter how much you LOVE lobster, someone else produced the lobster and deserves to be compensated at their requested price. That's how our system works.

The music industry is naturally reacting to the theft of its product by changing the product to make it harder to steal, which also makes it harder to use legitimately unfortunately. Copy-protection can block legitimate fair use, but the line between making a legal back up copy of a CD/DVD and making a copy of a CD/DVD to give to someone who didn't buy the content is so razor thin something has to be done.

The solutions may never come forward as long as the pirates demand access to all-free content in all categories and the producers of content refuse to adjust their business model to lower prices significantly. A new video game costs $50 when released to recoup costs. But how many more copies would be sold, and thus more quickly amortize the development costs, if the release price was $30 or $25? There has to be some point where a lower price would generate higher initial sales during the release of pent-up demand for the new game and before it becomes obsoleted by some other release.

Are content producers trying to find this common ground? No. So pirating continues. Releasing a game at $35 for one release would not bankrupt the game producer anymore than releasing a single new CD at $10 would not bankrupt the record label. Watch the numbers, see if sales are higher at the lower prices initially. I would definitely not hesitate to purchase a brand new game for $35 vs. $50. Apple's iTunes music store is selling CDs for $10, with much of that cost going to distribution costs. CDs are incredibly cheap to mass produce today (a new CD is made in literally 2 seconds now). Economies of scale also play in with shipping, printing and handling.

Fixing the problems that separate users from content producers can be fixed, but neither side seems willing to try. Instead alternate forms of distribution are taking over (iTunes music store) and pirating continues (Kazaa). If neither side budges then nothing will get fixed and entire industries will morph into more rigid or more inconvenient forms (I have to burn a CD to listen to my iTunes-purchased music, an extra step not needed with purchased music CDs).



Runaway Cars, huh?

Okay I heard this story on the radio yesterday and don't care to make an example of itself, but merely to reinforce a more general point.

How in the world do you get a "runaway" vehicle on anything other than a hill? Can't anyone manage to TURN THE IGNITION OFF?! WTF?

The ultimate brain fart - car has no breaks or the gas pedal gets "stuck" (under their FOOT mashed to the floor?) and they suddenly lose all general knowledge of automobile operation at that moment?

Or maybe putting it in NEUTRAL and let it coast to a stop, possibly driving down the side of the road until it rolls to a stop?

And then maybe use the EMERGENCY BRAKE? That long handle thingy with the button on the end? All you have to do is press and hold the button and pull UP! WTF?

And the government is worried about people carrying GUNS?! I am more likely to get killed going outside into the parking lot and being hit by a moron in a vehicle than being shot, even better chances if there are old people nearby.

We have a WINNER!

Here we go, the consensus of the crazy-wacky left is that Bush planted the ricin!

Anyone who picked "failure of homeland security and/or foreign policies" or "no Islamofascist terrorists ever had ricin" you should try again.

And anyone who picked "it wasn't really ricin", I am sorry but it was in fact ricin poison. Better luck on next bio-chem mailing!


New Bio-Attack on Congress?

It would appear ricin (an extremely deadly organic poison easily made from castor beans) is indeed the "white powder" found earlier this afternoon in a Senate office building, specifically in the office of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

What will be the new rallying cry of the crazy-wacky Left?

  • Bush's homeland security policies are a failure because someone sent an easy-to-make organic poison to the Senate Majority Leader despite all of the screening of mail after the anthrax attack of 2001?
  • Bush sent the ricin and warned the Senate secretly to stir up jingoistic reactions in a complacent populace just as a Dem challenger comes roaring ahead of Bush in early pre-primary polling, Bush is a failure in politicking?
  • It wasn't really Ricin, but Bush will say it was for the same reasons stated above, and Bush is a failure?
  • Bush still hasn't captured Osama Bin Laden, who never had Ricin, and hell Saddam never had Ricin either so let him go and Bush is otherwise an utter failure on homeland security and foreign policy?

I bet it will be something even wackier, eh?

War Penny

Finally got a decent picture of my "war penny."

Basically its a one-off issue of the U.S. one-cent coin in 1943 that was made from steel coated with zinc instead of the normal copper alloy. Copper was being diverted to the World War II efforts.

Found it in a coffee can in my dad's former office as I gather up his stuff after the sale of the building he used to own and operate a business out of for about 30 years. I don't think he even knew he had it or what it was.

Awesome Super Bowl... Ads

What was that stuff in between the awesome commercials last night on CBS? Oh well.

Check out the commercials over here.

My favorites are the AOL ones featuring the Orange County Chopper guys. I started watching that show last year and was consistently laughing at the exploits of the family whose name escapes me right now (other than Paul Sr., Paulie Paul Jr. and Mickey).

The Budweiser farting horse one was pretty good for a hard laugh too, much to my wife's chagrin.

The Pepsi ones were okay I guess, the kids busted for stealing music now able to get them by drinking a Pepsi. Oh the irony. If they had just waited a few months they'd be a bunch of anonymous losers on the Internet. Notice Pepsi used all young kids in the ad. I am sure there were hardly anyone older than Gen-Xers caught in the illegal download stings. Young kids want things for free, despite having mom & dad pay for their computer, high speed internet and anything else they want. What happened to getting a job to get the things you want? And I seem to recall tons of teens getting Internet-based jobs to buy stuff. So why do they all insist on getting things for FREE (not merely for lower, more reasonable costs)?

I do agree that music CD prices are insane, but hell buy used CDs and stick it to the man that way. Or now get LEGAL downloads for only a FREAKING DOLLAR EACH! Instead of $17 for a CD full of songs I don't want I now spend a dollar or two for the songs I DO LIKE. What a CONCEPT!

Free music downloads are pretty consistently piss-poor quality encoding (so low it can't be burned to a CD), slow to download from some wag on a modem — if you can find any song other than what is currently on the radio right now. And the files can end up being a damaged copy (from the label or artist or RIAA) of the song being redistributed thanks to the virus-like nature or P2P networks and kids too stupid to listen to the new file they just downloaded all the way through to see if its fucked up or not. Yeah man Kazaa is the SHIT!


Why Dem's/Lib's Hate War

I was thinking about the true underlying reason why so many Liberals/Democrats or even Conservatives/Republicans hate the thought of us going to war.

If defending the country against crazy bastards who murdered almost 3,000 people in a single morning totally unprovoked (really, when were we bombing the population of Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia home of Osama Bin Laden) is not enough to justify war then what is? We had a video game war in Europe's back yard (oh they really did a lot to stop "ethnic cleansing" in the former Yugoslavia, eh?). They all supported that as the right thing to do. And yet Sept. 11 did not justify a response? The anti-war nuts held their nose and signed on begrudgingly for Afghanistan, but that soon turned their weak stomachs and they fell off the pro-defense wagon. Why?

I believe it has to do with the innate fear anti-war nuts have of one simple concept: the draft. The thought of being conscripted into the military, under a Republican president of all things who won't be having you feed the poor starving people of some godforsaken African country no one ever heard of before, absolutely terrifies the anti-war crowd.

More specifically the thought of going to war that will actually be a war. Real killing, real destruction, real people dying. When that bus was accidentally blown up, along with the bridge that was the real target, in the former Yugoslavia military action the Lib's just about gave up at that point. Oh the humanity lost! They didn't give up, however. It was a humanitarian mission after all, the only kind of military action they will support.

But it's not the killing of people or the blowing up of buildings that really turns their stomach, it is quite simply the thought of being forced by the government to do such things no matter the justification (a nuke goes off in Chicago and we know who did it, wouldn't you want to personally shoot the mother-fuckers?). Lib's fear the draft and being forced to participate in a war. As long as someone else does it it's okay, unless it gets messy and then they vilify the military/government (baby killers, so Saddam murdering children held in their mother's arms doesn't count because he is not a US citizen?) and not the original perpetrators of the reason we went to war to begin with.

That's all there is to it.

The Lib's reveal this core thought process anytime they accuse a conservative/Republican of being a chicken-hawk for supporting war and not having actually served in the military (and murdered babies or burned down straw huts like John F'ing Kerry and Wesley Clark). A classic displacement syndrome for the rage these people feel for serving in the military and going to war.

What Terrorist Threat?

Feels like something is about to happen, all these cancelled flights and stepped up attacks in other countries.

Maybe Kerry and Dean could personally escort inbound flights on British Airlines and Air France? After all both claim the terrorist threat is overblown and both claim to be able to do a better job at securing American than Bush. Of course there have not been any attacks on American soil since the Anthrax mailings that occurred after Sept. 11, 2001 which most news talking heads seem to have forgotten.

And we never heard about the radiological dispersion device captured in an oceanic port of entry (which I have seen vague confirmation in a credible news outlet just a week or so ago). Bush could mention that, and maybe pull up some photos or something and tell the Dem's to fuck off. We have been stopping many more attacks than anyone has publicly known and in fact a certain Senator could very well have been briefed on thereby negating his "we are not safer" argument.

That's kind of a hard record to beat with election year rhetoric, eh? About all the challengers have at this point are "where are the Iraqi WMDs and Osama" which may actually be wrapped up in the coming months. Every other issue, except maybe the deficit has been taken off the table.