When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



I am No. 1 link on Google for the search term "I grew up a fucking screwup" - yay!

Horrors of War

I don't care what anyone says, the ending of Saving Private Ryan is way more hardcore than the beginning. Ew.


Late Nite with Challenging Reality

Does anyone else find it odd that people using the absolute latest version of Mac OS X, version 10.3 aka "Panther", are always whining about how they can't afford to buy any software either commercial, games or measly shareware ($5 is too much)?

So you had the $ to get OS X 10.3 which was at least $100 (bless you, Amazon.com) or $899 for a new Mac with 10.3 or it. I can tell you are using it based on which web browser you are using to visit my site, and overwhelming you Mac people are using Panther at this point. So what is the excuse for not paying your shareware fees? No money? Who paid for Panther? Why did you feel the need to get Panther the day of it's release for possibly $130, which will be replaced with some other cat's name for Mac OS X 10.4 next year, and yet can't pry $5, $10, $20-30 out of your wallet for a piece of software you use every day?

I just don't get it.

I found at least two, maybe three, situations where I could simply have walked away from a business without paying for goods or services today (breakfast at IHOP, gas and WAL*MART). And yet I walked over and plopped down my cash and waited for change. I didn't feel I was owed a breakfast or gas for my eeeevil SUV because I had already paid for food last week or previously paid for the gas already in my truck.

If this keeps up all there will be is really expensive software that everyone wants and needs, but is permanently tied to a particular piece of hardware (copy protection, activation keys/tracking) or tons of free software that is utter crap. Because I can't justify an internet presence (web server, domain name, internet access, upgrading a computer to be current) for free at this point. If it comes down to paying for my phone/cable/water or web server, my web server will get turned off and all you freeloaders will have to look somewhere else for solutions to the problems I have already covered (and I will bet they won't find all-free software to do everything either).

How much are you willing to give up to have a free lunch? We shall find out once commercial and shareware software has been taken away and you either use what's already on your new computer or hunt down crappy free/open source software with terrible interfaces or no support from it's author(s) (try asking a geek how to compile the Linux kernel for the first time, see how long it takes them to DoS you off the Internet for asking a "newbie" question).

I am really dis-gusted with the state of shareware software. I am about ready to give up for good.

Cheers Must Die!


I absoutely cannot stand people who use the word Cheers in closing an email, posting or whatever.


TV Tech

BTW I highly recommend using an S-Video cable to connect a DVD player to a TV. The picture kicks ass, although you have to run a second cable for sound (duh). Yes, that's what that odd round-shaped plug on the back of your TV/DVD/Computer is for.

Can't wait to see Saving Private Ryan on my now crisp-image TV (didn't feel like spending $85 for Band of Brothers right now). I have yet to see that movie all the way through start-to-finish.

And don't buy cables at BestBuy — can you say overpriced? Yeeowwwch.


Got our tax refund today (thank you G. W. Bush). Got me some new toys:

The joystick is a vintage video game replicator that you just plug into the A/V ports of a TV or VCR. It has DigDug, Galaxian, Pac-Man, Bosconian and Rally-X in all their 80's glory all in that little joystick box that was under $20. Who needs MacMAME anymore? My 7 year-old seems to do pretty well at Pac-Man.

The other thing just happened to be sitting there. Its a new tiny radio from Virgin with AM, FM, Weather and TV bands.

I shall call the joystick, Generation-XBox!


Kid's Questions Parents Regret

Here's some questions my daughters have asked lately:

"What is pork made from?"

Correct answer: Pork, obviously. And I made the mistake of stating that Pork was coming from a pig. Both said "ewwww" in unison.

"Is Chicken made from chicken?"

Correct answer: Yes, can't hide that one. Same with Fish. Would you eat a Poultry Sandwich?

"Do chickens make eggs?"

Correct answer: The store makes eggs.

"Are chicken nuggets made from chicken?"

Correct answer: They are now. Not sure what they had in em before they started using all white meat.


Virus Watch 2004

Okay now I have gotten four copies of the latest Windows virus "Mydoom" or whatever it's called. Maybe five. Spam filter is picking up randomly now. Not sure how my email got in these people's Outlook Address Book, I don't recognize any of the IPs so far.

Thank you Microsoft.

(Interestingly Mac OS X since 10.2 has a system-wide Address Book just like Windoze, but we don't have quite the same level of the hidden-executable trickery like on Windoze. And frankly there are not that many capable Mac OS X programmers yet who would do this kind of thing on this scale)


To whomever has me in the Windoze Address Book, you sent me that new 'Mydoom' virus thing. Of course not being a PeeCee user I just looked at it and then deleted it. If I had actually opened it, it still would have been no big deal since I don't use Windoze.

So thank you for wasting aprox. 10 seconds of my time today and the second half of yesterday with the massive slow down and spotty access to the Internet. Thanks to all you dumbasses who open email attachments that say "The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary attachment." Happy with your computer choice today? I know I am.

Most Tech Savvy President?

A lot of Lefty wonks claim Bill Clinton was the most tech-savvy President and Al Gore was the most tech-savvy Vice President (having created the Internet and all).

Turns out Clinton sent exactly two emails himself, one was a test to see if he could actually send an email by himself. Don't forget also that the FBI was woefully outdated in its computer technology, revealed in the aftermath of Sept. 11 when we found out their systems could barely talk to each other let alone the CIA.

As for Al Gore he is a Mac user, and we all know how easy Macs are to use so big whoop. And obviously he did not "create the Internet." Assholes.


Filed Under: People who don't get it

Take a look at this angry (not to the level of Howard Dean, more like a Lieberman-level of angry) email I got regarding a simple little software application I created that displays the current Homeland Alert level on a Mac OS X computer:

To Whom it may concern:
I don’t care how small your outfit is or how long it took you to do it..... you have no business whatsoever charging $5 for the homeland security app. If you are going to do it and share it, share it and make it a public service rather than making people think they need to pay to find out the status. I can find it out in 2 seconds without paying a cent, so you should realize the error of your ways in charging for the right to know.

Scott Kleinberg
Pittsburgh, PA

Let's dissect it a little bit.

I don’t care how small your outfit is or how long it took you to do it ... you have no business whatsoever charging $5 for the homeland security app.

So if I were Microsoft and a team of 20 people made it over the course of a year we do not deserve to be compensated either? Actually it doesn't cost anything to download and use the software. The $5 stipend is totally voluntary (at this point).

What about the costs associated with creating software? Mac OS X updates every year to be on top of things ($130/year), applications to create software (Photoshop, special tools), access to advanced developer info from Apple ($500/year), internet access every month ($40/month), web server hosting ($20-40/month), domain name renewels ($15/year), computer upgrades or replacements every few years ($100 to several thousand). I am supposed to subsidize my software development with what exactly? My regular job only? I don't charge for *everything*, just the things that are really popular, get downloaded a whole lot and take a lot of time to create and support.

A dirty little secret of ShareWare software is that you can expect about a 5% downloads-to-sales conversion rate on average. I don't think many ShareWare authors are going to get "rich" (either in a Dimocrats or reality-based definition of rich) on making and selling $5-10 software. Where the hell did this free-for-all software ideology come from? Oh wait, Linux and Open Source. Nevermind.

If you are going to do it and share it, share it and make it a public service rather than making people think they need to pay to find out the status.

This is a typical ploy by many people trying to force their argument down someone's throat; make claims that you are doing something other than what you really are doing. I don't force anyone into thinking they *must* use my software to determine the Homeland Alert status. I am offering an alternative to polling a website manually in a web browser. And besides its not bundled with other unrelated apps, it can be disabled very easily and it's not linked off the main DHS website as a recommended monitoring utility for Mac OS X users.

I can find it out in 2 seconds without paying a cent, so you should realize the error of your ways in charging for the right to know.

Okay then, you do what you want and everyone else can choose for themselves what to do. You don't have to pay anything. So where is the problem? Again this is a common tactic of the Left (and other ideologies). Basically the Left makes you think they are offering choices when in fact they are restricting what you can choose to things they approve of. Here he suggests that I should offer the feature-specific software for free as the alternative to going to a web site for free. There are no other options in his mind. No room for making money of my efforts and time spent making the damn thing. I cannot decide on my own what to do, he will gladly tell me where I went astray and get angry if I don't toe his line.

Another example: forget about learning abstinence, carrying a baby to term or about all types of contraceptives (the pill) from Planned Parenthood, they only tell you the abortion "options" you have and that's it. Planned Parenthood (wrongly) assumes every woman wants an abortion and not assistance in carrying their baby to term (no pregnancy health care referrals) or in preventing pregnancy via abstinence (instead they give out free condoms) or personal responsibility (instead they give out the morning after pill). My wife experienced this firsthand when newly pregnant with our first child over 7 years ago.

This guy assumes I am wrong and merely need to be corrected. I am wrong in charging for goods/services rendered voluntarily to people who voluntarily accept said goods/services. That is the basis of Capitalism, and its wrong.

I give up on people like this. I should send a bill for all the time and effort spent responding to this stupidity.


Time off

Not many people surfing in right now, after I get back Internet access and make new posts for some reason. So I am going to take time off. I also have this constant heart-burn which may be due to it being an election year and all anyone can talk about is BUSH BUSH BUSH and then those Dimocrat idiots who want to help the average guy by taking more money from my paycheck and keep me from ever being able to afford to buy a home while telling me I am an evil person for having two 27" TVs with Digital Cable, a cable modem and an SUV (that I paid for without any government assistance btw). Assholes.

Seriously, every single comedian is making fun of Bush all of a sudden. Geeze, get some new ideas already or shut the fuck up. Why not make fun of Kobe Bryant for being a scumbag who at best cheated on his wife or at worst totally attacked some black-envying slutty little white girl (past behavior not excusing being raped, mind you, but it did appear to contribute to her being vulnerable to being raped by Kobe, if he in fact did rape her, because she'd never be in that situation otherwise).

If Bush really was head of a fascist regime Jeanine Garafalo would be in jail along with Tim Robbins, the Dizzie Chicks, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Peter Jennings, Michael Moore and anyone else who said Bush was a) stupid b) a warmonger or c) a Nazi. We'd also kick the UN out of our country or at least extort money from THEM for a change to let them play in Europe/Asia minor with their little tanks and airplanes in NATO that were built and are operated with technology WE invented (some of it while defending said geopolitical regions from true fascists from Germany, TWICE). Assholes.

Fuck it. I'd just like to see the above mentioned people locked up for a week or so in some third-world prison so that they'd appreciate America a little better. After all they always get let out of jail within hours of being arrested in America no matter what they do, right? Do *any* celebrities actually stay in jail other than that Berreta guy (who seems to be a genuine criminal)? Michael Jackson anyone? We are such a fascist country.

I hate election year. Wait, wasn't Bush supposed to declare himself King for life like 4 years ago? Whatever happened to that? It would have been so much simpler if he had.


Helping to keep Americans safe, one terrorist-kitty at a time.