When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Forced Hiatus

I have been away for a bit the past few days to a dispute with our ISP (Comcast Cable). Apparently they gave my wife a bunch of pay movie channels she didn't order and we refuse to pay for. Comcast sees it differently and responded by turning off our cable and internet.

So I will return later on, as soon as this mess is resolved. In the mean time check out the links on my blogroll, not all of em are "blogs" in the traditional sense. Which ones are which I leave as an exercise for the reader.


I wonder...

There is a game called "Black Hawk Down" which appears to be based on the U.S. military action/humanitarian aid mission in Somalia in 1993.

IMHO its kinda odd to make up a game about one of the nastier military engagements in recent history. That's just bad taste. Will the game show "skinnies" dragging the bodies of killed soldiers through the streets?

I wonder if they call the hostile persons in the game "skinnies" or just make them all ambiguous white people to keep the game inoffensive. Actually I have not seen screenshots showing the "enemy," just US military personnel. I also wonder if you try to request backup does the game refuse to send it, just like the Clinton Administration refused to provide backup to the soldiers risking their lives to capture a warlord, who was deliberately starving his own people, being helped by none other than Usam Bin Laden/Al Queda.

Where are The Simpson's?

So many people responded to The Simpson's location that I am doing a followup. That and I have nothing else to blog about today.

Eric said "doesn't every state have a Springfield" which shows he didn't follow the link. Actually not every state has a Springfield, it turns out only 19 states have a town named Springfield. My first thought was Springfield Missouri, but that location does not include a large body of water which the state of Illinois does (that would be Lake Michigan people). I have been on the shore of Lake Superior and watched Finnish cargo ships enter the harbor. Thus international access is possible in the Great Lakes further implicating Illinois.

Then there are the Mississippi river references. Cold weather with severe snow. Proximity to farming and eventually deserts. The distance to Texas (2,000 miles) is an attempt to either throw us all off or showcases how stupid the writers are when it comes to geography (maybe they are British?).

Based on all the "clues" in the show over the years I put my money on Illinois as the general state enclosing Springfield as known to The Simpson's crowd.

But quite frankly as an imaginary town it can be anywhere it's authors want it to be. So all this is really a moot point.


African Amercian?

So, would anyone in the media or on the Left ever call South African-born Charlize Theron an African-American? What about also South African-born Dave Matthews? They are both from Africa, and if they were American citizens now, why would they not be called African-American?

And what about Egyptians? They are from the continent of Africa, there is no country called "Africa" after all. Maybe I should call myself North American?

I'm just asking...

This was inspired by a conversation with my wife last night while watching The 100 Hottest Hotties on HV1 last night. Incidentally are only people on TV or otherwise famous (Playmates) qualified to say who is hot or not? I guess people who are featured on TV shows, in movies and take their clothes of for a magazine are smarter than ordinary people who work at WAL*MART or in shipping and receiving?


If my wife happens to read below the phrase "I want one" in connection to the mini iPods aka iPod mini, let it be stated that it was simply an exclamation of approval of the new device and not a declaration of intent to purchase one at some point in the near future.


Yay for new things!

Apple dropped some swag on the faithful today at the Macworld (yes I know how its spelt now) keynote.

We got mini iPods - sweet! I want one! Looks like the LCD is now blue-ish tinged, expect a lot of whining from disgruntled Mac users with a boring B&W LCD on their now oversized iPod's screen.

We got new Xserve G5s which are great if you need one, I guess. Holly Air Vents, Batman! You lost one drive bay to gain two air ducts, gonna be bitching about that too. And the hardware finally has ECC memory, another thing for the Mac-elite to whine about. Unless your computer is constantly bombarded by Cosmic Rays I doubt you need ECC memory.

Also got some new audio app, called GarageBand of all things, that I don't have a need for just like the last audio app that Apple released, which IMHO appear to conflict with the low-end of their own audio-focused subsidiary Emagic. Oh well.

And like I said a totally unpredicted release is found in Xgrid. No one is surprised about Xgrid's existence since we have been expecting it for years now, but it was slipped in under the Keynote radar for some reason — especially with new G5 Xserve iron announced. Whatever, I am not CEO of a multibillion, multinational computer company so what the fuck do I know about product rollouts and marketing.

Obligatory Macworld Post

I forgot my obligatory Macworld predictions post this year. Oh well there is still time.

I predict some new software and hardware product will be introduced. I predict this time there will be a "One more thing..." product no one was expecting, even the rumor sites were wrong about it.

I believe that the RDF field will be in full effect, as Steve's head is slowly shedding its hair covering allowing for maximum radiation exposure.

I think that having broadband will amplify the webcast RDF effect, we shall see.

I lost a Lotto Ticket Too!

Hey I think I lost a Mega Millions lotto ticket too!

I did!

I was driving through the state of Texas, which has Mega Millions lotto, and I swear I got a ticket for that particular drawing and it in fact had the winning numbers!



I'm just saying...

Hey go look at the screenshot of OmniWeb's new "tabs" implementation and then go look at the web site over here and tell me you don't see any resemblance? Is there *anything* in OmniWeb they didn't rip off from someone else? Geeze. And they are charging $30 for that thing?

What would you people do without me? Don't answer that.


Okay so maybe you wonder why I don't put up political posts/rants/missives and yet link to tons of poli-blogs and right-leaning web sites railing against the stupidity of the Howard Dean crowd.

Or not.

If you did, though, I would say that I am so sick of politics at this point I just want to get an absentee ballot right now and mark off my choice. Trust me it does not matter which of the 9 dwarves (or is it 7? only 7 showed up in that Iowa debate that no one watched) are on the ballot in my particular case.

I will definitely vote, I just don't care who else is running. Let the socialist party, the Greens, Libertarians and even the Dimocrats put the names of muppets and obscure victorian-era opera stars on the ballot for all I care. I just want it to be over with!

And did anyone else here Rush Limbaugh totally go off on a caller today? Not the one where he yelled, one of the last one's he took today, it was a woman whose name escapes me. God lord that was so righteous to hear! Of course that is also where he gets this false-rep of being a "mean" Republican talk radio show host. Blah. I loved it. I wished I could do that to the world's Liberals too.

I first thought Glenn Beck was going to be way better than Rush today, but damn Rush totally pounded that poor leftie woman hard. Heh heh heh.

Where in the world are The Simpson's

I personally think The Simpson's home town of Springfield is located in the state of Illinois.

What say you?


Join the Club

Looks like Pop-Tart Britney Spears got married in the same Las Vegas wedding chapel as we did, A Little White Wedding Chapel. The same place Ricki Lake, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and Michael Jordan got married. Plus some old famous celebrity people no one cares about anymore.

Yes, I got married in Las Vegas, at the chapel with a drive-through window (that a couple actually used while we were waiting our turn). And we ate dinner in a pyramid (Luxor). And we saw a couple get turned down for the marriage license because one or both were drunk, which makes me wonder how celebrities get married on the "spur of the moment" while shit-faced drunk? Maybe they are using "we were drunk" as a cover story (Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra springs to mind)? They wouldn't lie about that would they! It wouldn't be a publicity stunt like Demi Moore dating Ashton Kutcher to boost an aging celeb's image after a total snoozer of a movie debut, right?

Anyway. How many of you can see the chapel you were married in on the news or in some TV show (on Friends, Ross and Rachel got married there) over and over, huh? Thought so. I rule.

How did we kick the Euro's Asses?

Go to this web site to find out what we did, and did right, to get the second NASA rover to Mars intact and functional. That second rover is big!


I used to stay up past 1 A.M. to watch NASA press conferences from the Pathfinder Mars mission, this time is much sweeter as the Euro-weenies rover most likely crashed and burned while ours arrived just fine. Heh heh heh.

Welcome to the space race of the 21st century.