When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


No Sleep Til Pahonicks (Phoenix)

I worked nearly 60 hours last week, ergo, no posting. Hell I don't feel like posting this even.

The topic is from a FedExKinko's commercial (that I don't have, yet). Other funny things heard on TV:

Oral Steroid *snicker*

Uhm, Elf is a funny movie. When I answer the phone from now on I will have to say "What's your favorite color" instead of "Hello." If you like Elf I recommend the seriously underrated "A Night at the Roxbury" which features Will Ferrell as well. A lot of people poo-pooh on that movie, but I really liked it. Liked it like "Office Space" liked it.

And if you want to get someone a psychological thriller that is incredibly gorgeous in its cinematography check out "One Hour Photo." It's creepy, but not scary creepy, you know? And it has a higher rating than Night... which is a damn shame in my opinion.

Ah, hell I got nothing.

Maybe I should do a Top 100 Movies list for the end of the year? Then I could be like the big bloggers who think that doing such lists would show of their superior tastes and greater depth than the unwashed web surfers who recoil in horror when their preferences are called on the table as shit.