When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Thank you for your support.

Ah yes, reap that which you sow Libertarian-type people. Free-for-all sex isn't so free, eh?

And a self-elevated top Right-blogger snaps his head up and down in approval over yet another article calling the electorate of the USA complete morons because they vote for incumbent members of Congress in large numbers. And I love the sited and quoted example of Texas Republican-enhancing redistricting. Never mind that Democrats file endless lawsuits to return the Democrat-friendly congressional districts. Or just leave the state to effectively shut down government because they refuse to lose power.

Their entire argument is that we are voting for the wrong people. I imagine all sorts of self-described intellectuals and politicos smacking their forehead and screaming "Why did you elect <insert name here>?!" You know, no one is forced to elect one political party over another or one candidate over the other. Sometimes your favorite doesn't win and some people see no need for change (*ahem* G. W. Bush) for the sake of change.

Why can't our system evolve? It was a completely new system just over 200 years ago. The Founders immediately amended the Constitution 10 times because some of the states refused to ratify the document with the Bill of Rights provisions in it at the start.

BTW, one of the quickest ways to get into an argument (and eventually a fight) is to start talking about politics, with anyone. We aren't so stupid or easily led. Witness the past election when the country nearly evenly split for both parties, again, despite some of the heaviest campaigning in history.

Right or Left, some people just don't think the People can really govern themselves I guess.