When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


If Kerry Wins...

If Kerry Wins tonight, we will not be getting a "fresh start." In fact we will regress to a point before Sept. 11, 2001. A time when nuclear proliferation was the primary international crisis (remember Pakistan and India nearly nuked each other).

Terrorism will be treated as a law-enforcement concern, as it was under Clinton (who rounded up and sent to jail the cell responsible for the first - unsuccessful - WTC bombing).

Taxes will go back up to the point before Bush was elected thereby wiping out the economic progress we have made since a recession, massive terrorist attack and near collapse of the entire US airline industry, tourism industry and any businesses operating from the WTC complex.

If you think Sept. 11, 2001 didn't really affect the economy I must beg to differ. One Spet. 10, 2001 I was working on finishing a new consumer-type product that would have been debuted at a trade show in a different state. Due to the cancellation of civilian air traffic in the days following the terrorist attacks the trade show was effectively canceled. Any business started at the trade show would never happen, orders would now not be filled, etc. etc.

I would really hate to call such a string of events a "nuisance" as under Bill Clinton's leering eye.

The simple fact that France wants Bush to lose should speak volumes. Remember once that France negotiated with Hitler prior to simply giving up its sovereignty to the dictator. France also assisted in the extermination of Jews by rounding them up and shipping them off on trains. That is the kind of "ally" we will have, again, under a Kerry administration.

I certainly hope this is all moot. Otherwise we might as well simply prepare for a really bad four years, at least this time we will be somewhat ready (at least until Kerry throws out all early warning systems, recalls all military forces and reacts to a new terrorist strike).

Vote not for yourself, but for the future of our way of life.