When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


What needs to be said

REPOSTED from 6/04

We must fight. You cannot win a fight if you lack the will to fight. And we are currently not willing to fight as hard as we need to. We are loitering in Europe a decade after the fall of the Soviet Union.

We are sitting on our hands regarding Iran and North Korea in addition to really dealing with Al Queda. Restraint is not what we need, we need mobilization and action.

George W Bush needs to get time on national TV, not request it politely and then get preempted by a basketball game, and tell the USA and the rest of the world the following:

1. We are withdrawing from the UN - it has failed its charter miserably. Under the UN numerous countries were invaded, people oppressed or become victims to genocide around the globe, nuclear weapons have proliferated. Effective immediately the UN no longer resides in New York City, get your stuff and get out of our country.

2. We are withdrawing our military forces from Europe and repositioning them in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as other friendly nations in the Persian Gulf and Africa, the current hotspots of the globe. Europe can defend itself, or politely ask us for help when they are overrun by Muslim extremists cutting the heads off of their citizens every week.

3. Any nation we even suspect of harboring our enemies will be invaded by our military forces untl the people we seek are captured or killed. Your country will welcome us willingly or we will temporarily take over your country until we are done with it.

4. There were WMDs in Iraq, here is the evidence. Al Queda was aligned with Iraq and received material support from Saddam Hussein, here is the evidence. This is a World War fought in a new way. Instead of destroying everything hoping to kill our enemies, we will seek them out individually or en masse while leaving the indigenous populations, infrastructure, resources largely intact.

This is how the world is today, it is not a safe and welcoming place right now. We cannot give hugs to terrorists and expect them to then leave us alone. They are trying very hard to kill us and we will respond in kind if necessary.

We will not wait until a nuclear weapon goes off in any US city, or a city in any country on Earth. We have taken steps to prevent this, but our task is not complete.

With the upcoming election the citizens of the USA have a choice. To continue on this task to make the world a truly safe and better place by removing a very real threat to ours and other civilized nation's citizens, or to pretend that we are not at war and to hope that we will not be the victim of additional attacks by Al Queda or any other hostile regime, group or dictator anywhere in the world.

This is the way things really are, and we either accept it or hide our face in our hands and hope that it goes away. The choice is up to you.

I'm waiting, Mr. President.