When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Skew The Vote 2004

Got this from Rock the Vote (Don't Ask):

Why should you vote?

Because you’ve been looking for a job for way too long.

Or your crappy job is not what you ever thought you would be doing.

Or you can barely pay rent ‘cause you’re paying off all of your student loans.

So you are forced to borrow more money and charge more things to your credit cards.

So it's G. W. Bush's fault you took General Studies in college and now you can't get a decent job? And what is a decent job? Who defines this, the President?

And this is all making you overspend your income? Maybe if you stopped buying every new XBOX video game for $50 a pop and spent it on getting secondary education you could get out of your shit-job and move up in the world? No, it's still G. W. Bush's fault.


In fact, credit card debt has climbed 100% in the last decade for the 18-24 set.

Forget about health insurance. You haven’t seen a doctor in ages because that crappy job of yours wants to stick you with the tab, if they even offer it.

You’re not alone. Young people everywhere in this country are all wondering the same thing: What is up with the job market??

The truth is:

The unemployment rate is twice as high for young people. Outsourcing is hitting us especially hard.

But there is something we can do.

Together, we can make politicians pay attention to our needs. By voting.

So take 5 friends, and vote like you never voted before.

On November 2, you’re the boss.
You have the power to say, “You’re Hired.”

On November 2nd, rock the vote.

Again with the credit card debt. Young people today demand a bling-bling lifestyle, whose fault is that? Notice they don't mention that interest rates are at all-time lows. Why not refinance your student loans or get a new credit card with a much lower rate and transfer the balance thereby lowering your payments? No, vote for Kerry (implied, naturally) and he will *somehow* fix everything.

The unemployment rate is twice as high for young people because A) they are generally lazy, B) they expect to get a $50k job immediately after getting out of school or C) It's all G. W. Bush's fault?

The job market is just fine if you don't mind getting dirty and actually, you know, working. I can tell you several growing markets in the USA: medical, custom/high performance auto, construction.

All of these fields require some secondary education, but often reward with high wages and room for advancement. If you get a tech support job you will end up hating it, not have any room to move up (except maybe as a supervisor) and get pissed that your crappy job is outsourced (which doesn't make much sense).

I fail to see how this is Bush's fault. The dot-com get-rich-quick era is over, deal with it. Go get some secondary education or special skills and get a better job and shut the fuck up already.