When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


John Kerry is going to End the World

John Kerry wants to repeat a HUGE mistake of the Clinton Admin by giving Iran (IRAN!) nuclear material and finger-wag at them to be nice and NOT MAKE NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

You may recall (unless you are a LIBERAL ASSMUNCHER/teenager who only remembers Clinton as a GOOD GUY who made a MISTAKE and was FRAMED by EEEEEEVIL Repiblicans in a sex scandal) Clinton gave North Korea nuclear power plant tech and assistance as long as they PROMISED not to make nuclear weapons. OOOPS! NK announced they now have nukes after using their 'nuclear powerplants' as the source for nuclear material. Thanks Clinton Admin, you stupid STUPID worthless assholes!

Why oh why didn't Bush bomb the FUCK outa NK? Wait, maybe we did. That massive train explosion that took out Syrian scientists and some unknown missile tech probably wasn't an accident (MOAB anyone?).

Good lord Kerry is a massive failure in Domestic Policy and he hasn't even made it through the election yet. Grrrr!

I give up. If Bush doesn't win, we might as well start migrating to Mexico as our country will almost assuredly get attacked, and attacked HARD by Iran's or NK's nukes or Al Queda (aided by Syria) or both.