When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


What. Ever.

I am working a three-day weekend, which means I missed scathing commentary by Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and Hannity on the Forgerygate business.

I really wish I could listen to AM radio at work somehow, damn ancient technology *shaking fist in the air*! I have this tiny little radio I got at Target that is made by Virgin (whatever, its really small), but it eats batteries like crazy (AAA too, the kind nothing else in my home takes, again foiled by technology!).

And I don't have the spare cash to subscribe to the internet-radio streams/archives either. Damn it all, damn it all to hell!

Just two more days of 12-hour shift shit work! With the added bonus of being instructed on how to do my job by the interim plant supervisor who quite literally pushed himself in front of me to do my job this morning. And who also had the nerve to stand there this evening to again tell me what my job was to be in the next 30 minutes before I was liberated for 12 whole hours. Fucker.

FYI: Just because you get a BS or MBA doesn't convey any superior abilities that allow you to singlehandedly do all other non-salary people's jobs (at least for 10 minute stretches, wouldn't want to get dirty or start sweating or let your coffee - that is provided only to office dwellers - get cold). M'kay?