When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


President CLIN-TON

You know I do hope Clinton recovers from his heart problem (not a crisis), of course I want him to live just long enough to see Bush win re-election. I mean that with all my heart.

I won't link to any stories supporting or pooh-poohing former (thank god) President Clinton, that would be Bill Clinton not Hilary (who really truly thought she was co-president). In the immortal words of Daily Kos and his ilk; Screw them. I am also suspicious of the 15,000 "well wishers" calling the hospital. Unless they were largely also "I wish you live long enough to see Hilary defeated in '08 as well!" kind of sentiments.

I shouldn't make light of people with heart problems, I guess. My dad had a severe blockage about a year ago and I was point-man in dealing with it. It was scary having my dad ask to be taken to the hospital because of chest pain, having my mom freaking out thinking "This is it" and my sister running her mouth off to anyone who listen as if this was the End of the World.

I also have some recently-discovered health problems. I have felt like shit for a few weeks, and then we moved this week, and I finally got my hospital test results over the phone. The results were obtained only after my wife spent - literally - five minutes talking to the receptionist/call screener to find out they had, in fact, gotten my test results back (the receptionist repeatedly inisisted they hadn't despite this being completely false, just to get off the phone I guess).

So I guess I shouldn't make fun of Clinton in light of my own situation. Nah. I am never running for public office or trying to bring a "new tone" to government service. Screw them.