When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Pop goes the weasel

CBS, and Dan Rather specifically, is imploding primarily due to the 60 Minutes II report based entirely on forged National Guard documents was an agenda-based story, not a news/investigative journalism-based story.

Dan Rather has an anti-Bush slant to his line of thinking and the forged memos fit in with this thought process perfectly. Hence the sloppy or almost non-existent verification of the memos and repeated denials of the memos being modern day creations from Microsoft Word and the Times New Roman font.

Dan Rather despises Bush to the point that he believes the memos are real substantively even if the physical manifestation happens to be a forgery.

As Wizbang has summarized this mess; The memos are real because Bush sucks.

Were Dan Rather working at FoxNews and/or the memos focused on Kerry, he'd be unemployed right now or the mob outside would have kicked in the doors and drug him into the street by now.

But we don't live in that world (not yet anyway). Thankfully.

BTW, has the Kerry camp at all responded to the possibly-faked nature of the memos? And if so has Kerry personally stated that if the memos were faked that it was a cheap shot at a man who was in a uniformed service and would have gone to war if he had not (also) left the service to pursue a political career? I didn't think so.