When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


What's in a name, anyway?

So long-time Mac software developer Aladdin Systems has had its corporate name changed to Allume.

Okay wtf is an Allume and how do you pronounce it? A-loom? All-u-me? Al-lume? (is it owned by Arabic-speakers, just wondering s'all) Although I wonder if the Aladdin.com website is perhaps owned by someone really angry at the US for some reason. I have some advice for the people behind that site: Get. Over. It.

The whole name change with Aladdin System came about because there were apparently other companies named Aladdin too. Who knew!

I do remember seeing the other company named Aladdin hawking their copy protection dongles and such in Mac development mags, along with Aladdin Systems' products (software installer). I have to admit there was some momentary confusion on my part between the two similarly-named companies. Not so much that I just could not figure out which company was which, mind you (which is usually the basis for name/mark infringement - you are too stupid to figure out which company is which).

I love how the Allume website has completely removed references to Aladdin Systems except to point out that Allume was once called Aladdin Systems. The company is now unofficially called Allume (formerly Aladdin Systems). Perhaps they should have snubbed their nose at the other Aladdin-named company and simply used Formerly Aladdin Systems. I somehow doubt the judge in the lawsuit (yes a lawsuit over a name of a company based on some ancient Disney movie) would have seen the humor in that name,

...maybe it's all-um?


Compare the Aladdin.com website rantings to some stories about the GOP convention in NYC. Now, just whose free speech is (going to end up) being crushed again?

BTW which side put up the "Free Speech" pen at the DNC convention, in Boston, one of the most liberal places on earth?