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Google AdNonsense

So I finally got something from Google for using their AdSense program. A check? Nooooooo! I got a fancy little booklet (spiral bound!) telling me rather obvious tips on how to use AdSense and generate revenue.

I'd take a better photo of it, but the batteries are dead in the digital camera.

There are 8 tips in the booklet, number 4 is: "Sometimes a bigger ad format works better."

Number 5 is to use Google Image Ads. Tip #7 is about properly setting Google Ads to use frames so that they can "target within the frame, serving ads that are relevant to specific content."

So basically these are all tips to get you to better serve Google's ads in the off chance that some knob will click on one earning you another $0.25 (a totally random number I made up that has absolutely no corollary to any real past/future Google AdSense revenue amounts for myself or anyone else).

Golly, never would have figured this stuff one out on my own! Thank you Google AdNonsense Booklet! Now where's my money?