When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Get Your Corn Here

I don't know why, but both candidates for President were brandishing raw corn cobs this week:

What is this image about? I can imagine Kerry leaning out the window and exclaiming:

"I am an average American, who served in Vietnam, and I am going to eat this corn!" To a roaring crowd of people bussed in by the AFL/CIO and local plumbers union that supports Kerry with its' member's dues.

And what is that hideous creature behind Kerry? It looks kinda like Smeagol. Its quote should be appropriate:

"My preciouuussssssssss... I want my precioussssssssss!"


And here is Bush, with a partially shucked ear of corn and a strange expression on his face.

"Hey Jofn F'n Kerry, here's how a real American, which I am, because I am from Texus, eats their corn. Oh and while you were shooting yourself in the ass to get out of Vietnam in under 6 months I was training to be a fighter pilot with the Texus Air National Guard. What did you do? Drive a boat? Loser.

Now anyone who says I don't make fun of GWB can take an ear of corn and shove it.