When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Days Off

I worked Monday and Tuesday, and now i have today and tomorrow off. Then I get to work all weekend. That'd be three back-to-back 12 hour shifts. It generates overtime, though. And after buying a new mattress set (Sale as I discovered means "we will take every dime you have on your person"), we kinda need the money.

I am not complaining. I am gainfully employed. I have regularly occurring income (and get paid every week, neat-o!).

In other news it is "School Week" right now and Daughter #1 is officially ensconced in Second Phase State Indoctrination (second grade elementary school). Later we take Daughter #2 for testing, which despite my protests to my disbelieving wife, will actually categorize and prioritize Daughter #2 according to some Liberal's mushy-minded classification system.

This secret system distributes the weak-minded with the smarter kids across the Kindergarten classes. So that the paste-eaters can somehow absorb the smartness of the other kids, I guess.

It used to be the less-developed kids were segregated into the special classroom, you know the ones with no windows and a heavy steel door that safely contained the unruly kids until such time as they became wards of the state and then one day simply weren't in school any longer.

Of course my child will be one of the smarter kids and will have some paste-eating mo-ron sucking the IQ points out of her precious little cherub-looking head. Indeed.

Here's something happy-fun-time to chew on in my stead:

White Chocolate.

It's neither white, nor chocolate. Discuss.

(Bonus points for anyone who knows from whence this came.)