When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Blogger Interrupted

Blogging will resume shortly (interpret as you see fit). I worked two 12-hour shifts back to back (and had a really BAD day the second day) and I don't really feel like making any new snarky comments about stuff right now. Except for this post. Blah.

And no I am not "hiding" from my Instalanche. If I dare go up against Insta-Glenn and survive, you can bet I am not going to whimp out for ever after. I am just really tired physically and mentally.

On a personal note I will most likely be shopping for a new mattress set, with my wife like every married man should do, sometime this weekend.

I don't know why the color matter to women, considering that it will be covered by at least two layers of fabric (with a high thread count, whatever that means) or more for its entire lifespan. My wife mentioned something called "Egyptian Cotton" (as seen on "The Newlyweds, Nick & Jessica" apparently) - should I (and my wallet) be concerned? [Indeed. -Ed]

So if you ever see a married man buying a mattress by himself in the early morning, be afraid. Be very afraid.