When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Anyone else notice it?

I heard some clips of Teresa "Shove It" Heinz-Kerry today and I swear she had some kind of accent, perhaps German-esque. Was it just me, or was it just her normal slurred speaking voice (partying with Uncle Ted?) or wtf?

Maybe she's been hanging out with Ariana Huffington, who also used to be on the Right side of the fence and decided to come out of the closet as a flaming Socialist Liberal (and who also decried people driving SUVs while she galavanted around the country in a chartered aircraft).

So we got a German-sounding woman who married a Republican senator and heir to the Heinz fortune. A rich and powerful man who died in a light aircraft "accident" shortly after revealing the hypocrisy of John Kerry after he accidentally sent two letters taking both sides of an issue to the same person.

And not long after this "accident" John Kerry, the French-looking senator who in fact grew up partly in France with his French relatives, marries the freshly widowed Mrs. Heinz and substantially up-sized his personal wealth (for the third time?).

Please, just don't do a makeout session like Al and Tipper have done [Twice! Ew! -Ed.] okay? Please?