When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


I survived!

I SURVIED! WHAT? OOPS CAPS IS ON. Sorry I have been drinking the last of my Coronas after getting off my first three-days of 12 hour shifts back to back.

Whomever came up with this 12 shift thing is a fucking MORON. I can barely move, I can hardly bend my knees. Usually my left knee is bad, but today my right felt like it was going to just fail (a guy I used to work with had this happen, his leg bent SIDEWAYS, ew!).

It wasn't too bad today, mostly stood in one place and waited for the 12 hours to roll off. It doesn't matter what I do, its not that big of a job and I don't think I can do this for too long. If I manage to get a pay raise after my "probation" phase I will stay a little longer, otherwise forget it. There is a substantial capital expenditure required to work there I didn't know about and I have to move in like two weeks to get into the proper school zone for BOTH of my kids (yay!). Guess which one I am going to do!

This means absolutely nothing to you, you have your own problems. I am merely explaining my lack of posting s'all. That and I don't like "posting" anymore. I kinda like commenting rarely on other people's blogs, when I have time (thanks to rotating 12 hour shift things!).

This is called "doing what you have to" because your significant other refused to compromise BEFORE you got this back-breaking job. Now that you have it they can do all kinds of stuff they want to do! Isn't marriage fun? STAY SINGLE for as long as possible, really. Save yourself!

In my defense it's the several (I thouht I had three, but I cant remember) beers I had tonight talkin. Which parts this pertains to is left as an exercise to the reader. all three of you.

BTW I work another two days this week. And that's all for a full paycheck! Neener neener neener! Goddamn I am tire.....