When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


I, Blog

I am interested in seeing I, Robot (or Yet Another Wil Smith Summer Career-Advancement Vehicle). Of course it will be some time as I am working 12 hour shifts Friday, Saturday and Sunday - yay! The good news is that I will end up with 8 hours of overtime. Cha-ching! Which will be spent on moving to a different part of town to make sure both of our kids (yay!) are in the proper school zone, damnit.

Anyway, I believe I read the Isaac Asimov book I, Robot way back in High School. I took a class called Paperback Literature, you literally read books and did book reports on em all semester. Easy class. I read a lot of classic SciFi for that class including I, Robot (I think) and the Foundation Trilogy. I also read several Arthur C. Clark books. (I heard a rumor some time ago that Rendezvous with Rama was in production, what happened? Oh, nevermind.)

So I may have read the I, Robot book which the movie is loosely based on. But that doesn't matter as it looks a lot more interesting than say Minority Report turned out to be. The Foundation series is too heavy for the modern audience as would Rama I would venture. Just imagine if they made Atlas Shrugged into a movie (trilogy) - the media would have a never ending conniption fit over how this was a blatant Right-Wing jingoistic attempt to help Bush's standings in the election. But make an anti-Bush mockumentary and two separate movies portraying Republicans as evil robots and that's okay!

And now for the end of this ramble-post. Good thing to know based on the movie I, Robot: If the robots of the near future turn evil, they will all glow red so you know that they are in fact, evil. Thanks to movies for teaching such important life lessons (along with the black guy or the guy in the red shirt always gets killed first, proven in some stupid movie me and my wife watched late at night on HBO and old Star Trek episodes).

Oh and why is it so hard to turn all the robots, you know, off and stuff if they go crazy? Every major piece of hardware in the world is covered in Emergency Stop buttons to kill the power INSTANTLY if you get hurt, so why don't extremely strong autonomous robots have a kill switch? Just wondering what happened to the OSHA/Nanny State, that DEMANDS we put our near-8 year old in a booster seat until she's 9 or 5 feet tall, in the future, s'all.