When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."



I just read a post I made to some stupid website that I won't mention here (to prevent becoming yet another Google search hit) that I made not more than a month after I very nearly died (for real, I could explain but you wouldn't understand).

That post was far more coherent and nicely written than anything I have done recently. My typing skills are going to the crapper, my memory is starting to wax and wan (again, I could explain but you wouldn't understand) and I didn't recognize my own writing at first.

Such a stark realization leaves me with only one conclusion. I am just not cut out for this "writing" thing at all, now.

To quote someone fro way back in my IRC hang-out-all-night-because-my-friends-were-slackers-and-so-I-was-all-alone-for-weeks-on-end days: "Oh fuck it."