When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Constitutional Amendments for the Rest of Us

So the Man/Woman Marriage Only Constitutional Amendment was put down and in response Kerry wants to make a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee everyone (including illegal aliens who manage to not get deported from the country) Health Care.

Really now, overwhelming majority of people who need/want health care can get it in this country including fully illegal aliens who cannot be turned away from an ER by law even if they don't pay a dime.

How about a Constitutional Amendment (boy that's a long two words) to guarantee a Speedy Loan Approval? Or how about Debt Forgiveness once every 7 years if you screw up really badly like we do with the third world (way to teach them fiscal responsibility, just forget you ever loaned them any money!)?

Or how about a right to a nice car or truck? Or a home at least 1800 square feet in size with two full baths? Or digital cable TV and high speed internet access?

And why not make minimum wage $10-12 since that is about the threshold a small family can live on (especially if they are given a nice home and vehicle)?

You know, stuff we otherwise wouldn't have without the Government helpings us to get it?