When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Blog Not, Lest Ye Be Blogged

The wonderfully insightful Lileks (the Official Person To Quote - OPTQ) did commit the following bits to the Google Cache:

"Right now I have a browser window open to Fark, and a T-shirt ad shows Bush’s face with the logo “American Psycho.” What else do you need to know? As Teddy Kennedy said in his convention speech: “The only thing we have to fear is four more years of George Bush.” It’s really quite simple, isn’t it? We live in a manufactured climate of fear ginned up by war-crazed neocon overlords. There is no threat. The only thing we have to fear is Bush, who sits as we speak in the Oval Office sucking the marrow from Whoopi’s shin-bones."