When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Blah blah blah

Working 12 hour shifts sucks, hard.

I am sitting here numb from the pain watching obscure rock videos compiled by some college kid(s) on one of the two local PBS stations (yes we get two, aren't we special).

I might reward myself with a video game next week, not sure what to get. I don't want yet-another-FPS game. I'm gonna make a trek to BestBuy on one of my oddly-scheduled days off and see what they have that I can actually play without my hand going number after 10 minutes *the whole trigger-on-gamepad thing is starting to make me question handheld device designer's intelligence).

BTW I have one Gmail invite available if anyone wants (to buy) it. I think it has a little over two weeks before it expires. Forget begging or bidding, just pop over and buy it and send some badly needed cash my way. That's called Capitalism, baby.

Call it buy-me-an-XBOX-game fundage. Or better yet, BEER MONEY! And no I wont barter for it unless you are a hot chick and send me nudie photos at which point I will immediately DELETE them because I am married and stuff but you can still try to send them. And I don't need any Bestest Friends or "favors" or "owe-you-ones" in return. Why? Because I generally hate people and I like money to buy stuff with (XBOX games and/or Beer).

That is all. Now get off my BLOG!