When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Yes, I know what happened

I know Reagan has died (first post on the Dead Pool 2004 blog), and I know today is D-Day + 60 years.

So I will watch Saving Private Ryan and play Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far (Operaiton Market Garden) later, okay?

Interestingly I am reading posts from a lot of bloggers about how they are "converts" to Conservatism because of Reagan somewhere along the lines. Quite honestly, I have always been Conservative. I always aligned with the Conservative party from my early years, to teen years to young adulthood.

I have always been pro-Business, pro-small and pro-limited government, pro-Defense (anti-Communist/Socialist) and staunchly pro-Life. I was old enough to vote for George H. W. Bush the second time he ran, but I (embarrasingly) was pro-Perot at the time. I went to a fundraiser and gave him some money (got a T-Shirt that has long since disappeared). I didn't vote at all that year, hey I was heading towards 19 and had other things on my mind like moving out and such.

It was a heavy blow when Clinton won, I literally felt numb for a few minutes. Turns out I was right to regret Clinton winning (WTC 1993, Oklahoma City 1995, African Embassies, USS Cole, Lewnskigate, "Co-President" Hillary, Dot-com implosion).

The point is that I would have voted for Bush that time, and didn't. I would NEVER have voted for a Democrat. It would not have been a vote AGAINST Clinton. I voted in every Presidential election since, I voted for Bob Dole for pete's sake (almost a vote against Clinton, sorta).

I even drug my family to a church (why is it no one protests voting places being in Churches?) to vote against a Superwalmart planned in an area of town I grew up in - that already has WALMART, Costco, Best Buy, KMarts et al. Superboxes are fine, if the area is devoid of any large shopping centers not to ADD more shopping to an already congested area.

If anything I have become MORE staunchly Conservative, especially post-Sept. 11. I supported Gulf War I and the War on Terror 100%. I wish Clinton had the balls to get his hands dirty during his regime, we'd be done with Kosovo and Al Queda would have been wiped out.

I disagree with Bush on some issues, but I understand his desire to try and work with Dimocrats, Bush is President of all the people while Senators represent the interests of only specific areas of the country. Social programs can help, but a lot of what Bush wanted to do has not been enacted yet and may never be (school vouchers, faith-based initiative funding on par with secular agencies). I think the Education Dept. should be totally revamped and focus on setting standards only, to create a baseline for ALL schools to strive for. Then let the schools apply the curriculum to best achieve that standard and allow parents to choose where to send their kids.

I proudly flew an American flag at my mother's home and at my parent's former business. I am the one who installed the mounting bracket and put it out and took it down on the appropriate days. I do, however, feel that having an actual flag pole is a bit much in a neighborhood however. But I don't think a Homeowner's Association can force you to sell your house if you refuse to take it down.

I have a personal opinion that people who are Sept. 11 Republicans are still Liberal deep inside, they are most likely still pro-Abortion and pro-Social Welfare for all and wouldn't mind higher taxes because its not like they pay that much anyway. I see it in their comments. They are pro-Bush because Bush is a strong leader right when we really needed one. If it wasn't for Sept. 11 they'd be first in line to vote him OUT of office this November.

Hopefully they will stay on the right side, and maybe their kids will grow up with positive impressions of the Right side. And maybe they will realize that independence, strength and self-determination are guiding principles that really DO work and should not be replaced with Socialism, nanny-state and endless welfare programs.

Just my opinion, in case you disagree.