When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Why We Vote

This is why: "After taking office in 1981, Reagan began a sustained attack on the government’s civil rights apparatus, opened an assault on affirmative action and social welfare programs..."

Affirmative Action? Did that start and end in 1981 when Reagan took office? Which social welfare programs have ever been terminated in this country? So he cut personally cut Social Security benefits? I thought only Congress could pass laws, so the Congress just did whatever Reagan said? Why is Congress never blamed for anything?

Civil Right's apparatus? So we re-enslaved all blacks? I don't remember that. So when were the new slaves freed? Before or after Bill Clinton starting porking overweight interns in a closet in the White House?

And this one: "Reagan's policies thus bequeathed to us the major problems we now have in the world, including a militant Islamist International whose skills were honed in Afghanistan"

Hmm, I thought Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union and we only provided some meager assistance to help them throw off the Imperialist Aggressors? So by helping free the poor Afghanis (who have been invaded by pretty much everyone now) we were actually being eeeeevil imperialists sowing the seeds of Sept. 11 (and WTC 1993, African Embassy Bombings, USS Cole) on ourselves? I don't get it. I must need to spend four years in Berkeley to understand this kind of logic.