When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Well, fine.

Lileks doesn't like movie reviews in blogs. Well, fine.

I like them because I think it's interesting to hear other perspectives on movies. Movie-watching is a very personal experience. You get only a tiny amount of the content from a movie at any given time. And so you may miss some detail, a sound, background action, music score the first time through that someone else picked right up.

That and I like to comment on movies because I wanted to be a Kevin Smith, and probably would have if I had more ambition (or non-slacker friends aka coconspirators) or parents willing to send me to film school in Canada.

I have two movie ideas floating around inside my head, one partially committed to bytes in semi-coherent form. Trying to describe the imagery I can see in my mind's eye is the real challenge, not the mechanics of writing. If I had a collaborator that I could dictate scenes, dialog and store line elements to I'd have a finished script by now. Alas, I don't so here I sit in front of an aging G4 and an empty bank account.

So I write up mini-reviews of movies I watch in the hopes of gleaning some insight into the process to better myself and my future screenplays. That's why I do it.