When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Welcome to World War III

Iran appears to have "seized" three British "warships." Not sure what that means, exactly. News headlines can be so deceiving. They didn't put up a fight? Okay. Moving on...

A passenger plane landed at an Air Force base, which happens to be right next to a commercial airport. For an unknown reason the people on board were told to shut the window shades almost immediately. Obviously the passengers knew they weren't at the airport (after not disembarking), so why pull the shades? I wonder if something was removed from the plane?

There is a report that the flight crew was replaced. Maybe it was all a mix up? Although I fail to see how an experienced flight crew can not tell the difference between a commercial airport and an Air Force base.

Still waiting for a serious response to the latest beheading of some guy who was not part of any military and was just trying to do his job in a foreign country. Will we move against Saudi Arabia, ever? Will Bush secretly open up domestic oil exploration to fill the gaps in our lovely foreign sources of oil, you know Canada, Mexico, England, Iraq, various South American and African nations - oh and Saudi Arabia?