When you are pro-war even the abortion doctors call you "baby-killer."


Take One For the Team

So that CIA directory guy resigned. Whatever. He was a Clinton-era appointee, wonder how many times CNNMSNBCABCCBSNBC will mention that part of the story?

Tenet pretty much FUBAR'd on 9/11, we knew something was coming but we didn't know what it was. That goof up cost us nearly 3,000. Add those numbers to the people lost in 1993's WTC bombing, Oklahoma City in 1995, the African Embassy bombings (two of em) and the USS Cole which all happened under Bill Clinton's presidency and (most?) under Tenet.

Tenet claims he met with Clinton twice. Twice. Two times.

Bush met with Tenet constantly (before 9/11 I would bet it was more infrequent, being busy with transition and the economy tanking).

Maybe Tenet was endeared towards Bush for all the lavish attention (and support) he got from Bush, and Bush basically had him by the nards over the failure of Sept. 11. And maybe Tenet just couldn't take being blamed for another "failure", this time to find Iraq WMDs, like Sarin and Mustard gas artillery shells that were found by some thugs along with various bioweapon samples in abandoned labs, which don't count I guess.

I wonder what kind of perks Tenet will get from the President? A letter of recommendation? Will his parking sticker be validated by the White House? Can he use his copier code to make bunch of copies of his resume and use the CIA fax machine to send them out? I wonder if his resume has any blacked out lines on it like other government documents with "sensitive" info on them.

Oh well. The Left got what they wanted, and yet they are now lamenting a "good man" being let go (Sen. Daschle's words). This, again, proves that you can never please the Left. No matter what you do is wrong, even if its exactly what they wanted. Does anyone else not see this?