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Spider-Man 2

Saw Spider-Man 2 tonight. It was definitely better than the first one. And it definitely sets up a third movie in a variety of ways. My wife really liked the "exposure" Spider-Man got all throughout the movie, while I think they could have limited it and still got the story to where it ended up.

Interesting trivia for die-hard movie fans: There was some subtle references to the "Evil Dead" movies created by Spider-Man's director Sam Raimi.

I won't spoil it, but watch out for a certain power tool in use in the middle third of the movie (I guess, I don't wear a watch).

Overall well-worth the $5 (each).

Update: Stan Lee had a cameo, again, grabbing some kid (okay?) as stuff fell from the sky, again. And to say there were some "Evil Dead" references is to slightly understate it. There was a LOT of Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead" movie trilogy-type stylings in Spider-Man 2. I was probably the only person in the theatre to even "get" these subtle bits, but whatever.