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Out of the Closet

If someone were to ask me what I have in my Colossal Closet in KoL I'd reply thusly (yes I know I can combine a bunch of stuff, you think I'm gonna leave assembled goodies for someone to steal?):

asparagus knife (3)

banjo strings
bar skin (5)

barskin hat (2)
bat guano (2)

big red clown nose
bone rattle

broken skull (2)

Bugbear Bungguard (4)
bum cheek

chef's hat (4)
cog (2)

continuum transfunctioner
cool whip

dirty hobo gloves (2)
dried face (3)

empty meat tank (4)
empty Orcish meat locker (3)

frilly skirt
Gnollish flyswatter

Gnollish plunger
guano coffee cup (3)

helmet turtle (11)
Knob Goblin pants (3)

Knob Goblin scimitar (3)
Knob Goblin tongs (2)

loose teeth (10)
meat from yesterday (14)

mosquito larva (3)
Oriole-feather headdress

pants of the Slug Lord
pasta spoon (2)

sabre teeth
saucepan (6)

scroll of turtle summoning (9)
seal-clubbing club

skeleton key

Spooky Sapling
spooky shrunken head (2)

Spooky Staff (3)
spooky stick (2)

Spooky Temple map
Spooky-Gro Fertilizer

stolen accordion
strange leaflet

sweet ninja sword
the Dolphin King's crown

viking helmet (3)
white sword

wooden stakes